Peppermint Cookies and Mac and Cheese

We are all working towards being ready.
I'm getting there and was happy when the Peppermint Cookies were iced and tucked away for those that need a sweet bite.

I was just finishing up with the icing when the kids popped in after school on their way to swimming lessons.

I quickly grated some cheddar, made a white sauce and before they walked int he door I had some fibre rich mac and cheese in the oven and gave them a snack/early supper they couldn't refuse.

When is the last time you have enjoyed some bubbly mac and cheese?

all for now..


  1. Oh boy. Out of a box? About 3 months ago. LOL I imagine your mac and cheese is a whole lot healthier than the boxed stuff. You have lots of peppermint cookies made up. I'm wondering if the recipe is on the MGCC website. I must check. Have a great day!

    1. Smiling here Pamela, yes, the mac and cheese was from scratch. Every now and then mac and cheese out of a box makes it into my grocery cart especially for camping but this time it was the real deal. About the peppermint cookies, yes, they are on the MGCC website. Check under Mennonite Recipes. Have a great day!

  2. I'm thinking mac and cheese for breakfast wouldn't be bad...
    Look at all those peppermint cookies...yum!

  3. Oh those peppermint cookies look perfect!!! Real Mac and Cheese - it's been far too long over here - Yum! Those grands of yours have the bestest grammy ever!

  4. Over a year, but then I make a skillet version and haven't had oven mac n' cheese in years. The cookies sound wonderful and look beautiful.

  5. The Great Dane likes the boxed version - a holdover from childhood. I won't buy it and I've never made it from scratch. Every so often I see a recipe that makes my mouth water and I think I should give it a try.

  6. That cookie scene looks oh so familiar! =)

  7. I can't bring myself to eat the orange box kind, but then I grew up with a Mom that made the best oven baked mac & cheese. Your quick skillet version sounds great for when no one has the time to wait for the oven time. I just finished making peppermint snowballs. Your look great and the only difference is that mine are rounded & I sprinkle crushed peppermint on top. Peppermint is one of my favorite tastes of the Christmas season.
    Thanks for another nice post.

  8. You are a really fun grammie. Always something yummy for the kids and I know there are lots of warm hugs there too. Those cookies look so good!

  9. You make the best after school snacks!

    Mac & Cheese?'s been awhile. It's high time. Peppermint cookies? I'm enjoying at least one of those every day right now.

  10. I usually use your mac and cheese recipe now when I make it! And I make it often, goes so well with so many main dishes. Sometimes it IS the main dish! :-)

  11. I must tell you Lovella, that every post you share in blog land, adds interest, beauty, creative inspiration, and joy to my day. Thank you for sharing your talents and personality with all of us around the world. The "making of the bed" post was one of my all time favorites and probably because it reminded me clearly of my dear grandma and the many lessons she gave me on the proper bed making skills including the steam pressed pillow cases. Thanks for blogging!


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