Lepp Farm Market Christmas Cookie Class

We arrived early at Lepp Farm Market to set up Christmas!
Their kitchen staff see us coming and work hard to complete their kitchen tasks.
They wipe counters, tuck away fresh baked treats for the next day sales and then hand the kitchen over to us.

Anneliese brought a Christmas tree...
because ambience means so much and our guests are worth it!

Guess who was there when we arrived?
Ellen and her daughter Katie from the farthest home ...
were there and ready to work.
Katie came as Ellen's guest and yet was willing to take photos all evening.
She's a gem!

didn't have a recipe to teach this time around but ran around more than the rest of us...
keeping the kitchen tidy...running smoothly and efficiently.

Our plates were set out in anticipation of what would be baked to serve.

The team at Lepp's made a beautiful meat and cheese platter from their fresh deli counter and we served those with their plentiful assortment of crackers.

At 6:45 we were ready and began to welcome the class.

I found out that I talk with my hands when they are not occupied! 

I demonstrated how to make Nanaimo Bars and I wondered today how many pans of Nanaimo Bars were being carefully layered.

demonstrated a beautiful simple way to make a cheese and fruit platter.
It will be on our blog soon.

She then began to cut up long rows of Peppernuts to bake while the guests were walking in the door.

The fragrance of baking German spices are something our Oma's used often in their Christmas baking.

she demonstrated how to make the Peppernuts and more trays were baked...
filling the kitchen with a mouth watering aroma.

Julie showed us just how easy it is to make gluten free moist and chewy Chocolate cookies.

Anneliese came to the counter with her Peppermint cookie dough and taught the skill her mom was and still is famous for.

Doesn't this just make you wish you could have a Peppermint Cookie?

I bought fresh ingredients at Lepp's that night and I'll be making a small batch soon.

Marg showed us how easy it looks to make Linzer cookies.

A light dusting of Icing Sugar...
so beautiful.

Before we knew it...
the class ended and our guests left with  beautiful smiles on their faces.

It was wonderful to see friends ...
and sisters come in groups and pairs.

Some were gifted with a class certificate and others brought a friend.

However they came...
we were grateful for yet another opportunity to raise money for Matthew's House which has just opened it's doors.

Equipping the kitchen there together with Lepp Farm Market has been a privilege and a a worthy cause.

Next class...
Easter 2014 Paska class.

all for now...


  1. This looks just wonderful, Lovella, and for such a worthy cause as Matthew's House. You ladies look very elegant in your black dress and fancy aprons. The recipients of your wonderful baked cookies look pretty happy. Next time I'm out there I must find the Lepp Farmers Market. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  2. It looks as if everyone had a super time! The food looks amazing and I hope to try a few of these recipes in the coming days.

  3. A fun evening together...and all for a good cause! You captured it well, Lovella.

  4. Yea to all the Chilliwack girls that showed up and they made your front cover. Fun, Food & Fellowship..once again for all, not only the guests, but when it's all said and done..we also enjoyed fellowship at the end finishing off some delicious treats.

  5. What a wonderful evening - those smiles say it all!!!
    I was thinking of you all last night and so happy to read all about it!

  6. How did this happen? Can you remind me? And so funny to come home and realize I forgot the peppermint in the peppermint cookies.

  7. It looks like a wonderful evening, Lovella. I was in there earlier and bought two of Lepp's gigantic and delicious squares.....mmmmmmm

  8. I'm so glad I finally had a chance this evening to see the class in action here on your blog. I really hated missing teaching at this particular class. It all looked so lovely.

  9. Hey Lovella - we just watched a story on CBC News tonight about the Froese's and their Matthew for which you were raising funds for. So cool! The Matthew's House story is such a sweet and a sad one. Good for you gals for supporting this very worthwhile project!!!


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