It's a Fraser Valley Snow Day

Let's face it...
for Canadians...
we really don't experience the stereotypical Canadian winter too often.

When we wake up in the middle of the night and realize it is snowing...
we sometimes can't even go back to sleep.

I sat by the window as day broke and saw my view transform into a winter wonderland.

A pot roast is in the oven.
Fresh bread sits on the counter and Christmas music fills the halls here.

The Christmas star candle is lit for those who might venture to our back porch on this winter eve.

all for now..


  1. How beautiful and perfect! Enjoy.

  2. Loved your views today including your star candle!

  3. I smiled at " when it's snowing you sometimes can't go back to sleep"..oh how many sleepless nights would that be for me?? :)

  4. It looks so beautiful - a real Winter Wonderland!! Enjoy.....

  5. Oh it sounds lovely for all you Pacific Northwest folks. It has tickled me to see how pleased you all have been with your snow. Will it last through Christmas?

  6. Looks like you took advantage of this hearts. This is what I live for.

  7. It was so beautiful - a real gift. Now we are back on our Island where there is no snow. Sigh.

  8. I love how the snow stays on each little branch. Apparently dry snow does not do this.
    It was a nice welcome home for our Sask kids. =)

  9. That hanging star is beautiful! We've had some snow here already a couple times before winter technically had even begun!


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