Gift Ideas for the Foodie on your list.

Remember our recent Christmas Cookie Class at Lepp Farm Market?

Well ... 
for those of you that always wish you could see us  in action..
there is a bit of footage of our class on a CTV News segment with Erin Ireland.
Erin, a food blogger and regular contributor on CTV has some great ideas for the foodie on your list.

Even if you live outside the Fraser Valley..
I think you'll find a few good ideas for those tricky people on your list..
and you might be amused at the same time.  



  1. I watched Erin's segment this morning, and was most impressed that you all made her gift list. Wow! What an honor! You all look so good on the segment, and the only thing I disagreed with Erin on, is that you all are not "older ladies":) Really, you all look young to me!
    Congratulations on this happening!

  2. Similar comment - "ten older ladies" - hahaha - at least it gave me a smile before this older woman leaves for work.
    Merry Christmas, Lovella & Terry!

  3. Older ladies! Who is she talking about? LOL! I do wish that I could visit that first location she spoke of, in addition to visiting The Lepp Market.

  4. LOL "older ladies"!! Too bad she didn't promote your book. Thanks for sharing this Lovella - it was so nice to see you all in action and boy could I ever use a cookie right now!!!!

  5. Love the comments so far. :)
    I want to stay at that inn she talked about.


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