buying a real tree at McMasters Farm

Several years ago we were on our way to the Langley area to cut down our Christmas tree and we found this  tree farm nearer to home instead.
There was no promise of Hot Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate or other such merry treats and it didn't look like anyone was around.

We drove down the long driveway and honked as the sign said.
Gordie came out with his saw and began to walk around with us as we browsed the different varieties.

What they lack in hoop-la...
they more than make up for in personalized attention.
That first year...
we paid $35 for the largest tree our bungalow would allow.

On a clear day ...
you can see Mt Baker in the background.

Gordie and Janice are thinking this might be their last year running a tree farm.
They are dropping their prices.
We paid $20.

Give them a call and put a real tree this year and enjoy the fact that it...
like life is probably not perfect on every side.

If it really bothers you that they don't offer up a cup of Hot Chocolate...
come by the bungalow aftewards...
I'll whip you up a cup and maybe even give you a cookie to go with it.

all for now..


  1. That's a great offer, Lovella! Thankfully I've gotten beyond the need for a perfectly layered tree on every side!

  2. Well you are entering the territory of a Fraser Noble Grand Spruce today. Just next's all about the trees they grow...just a walk through the forest..with Cheam in the back drop...
    But apple cider will be on in my house all day.

  3. Now that is almost worth the drive out from our end of the valley! Sorry they may not be there for you in the future.

  4. Wow, that is a great price for a fresh cut tree! It's a shame they might be closing but it's a lot of work all year around to groom the trees for the market. If I were there I'd be popping by to see your tree and enjoy a cup of tea and a cookie too. :)

  5. Coffee and cookies.....we may swing by......but not quite yet! The smell of a real tree is what I enjoy.

  6. Oh you are the second blogger to mention a tree farm closing. Those tree farms are a lot of work...I know my cousin closed his in NB several years ago. I'd love to visit, have hot chocolate, and sniff your beautiful fresh Christmas tree.

  7. We'll all have to start planting our own trees at this rate!
    If I lived nearby I'd think about your offer!

  8. You know what? I want to take you up on your offer this Christmas. How many miles are too many, for us to buy a fresh tree?
    I like that they are not perfectly shaped too, because most things in life are like that.
    Great post!

  9. Nothing like the smell of a live Christmas tree... Sad that the McMasters are making this their last year!
    Looks like you had a fun day...only missing? snow !!!!

  10. You almost have me wanting to go and get a tree yet even though our fake one is up. Too bad they are closing.

  11. now that was a steal deal! I'd be there in a jiffy!!!!


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