With the rain ...

Sometimes I have to quietly open the window to get a good shot.
It's not unlike frightening away a bear when you know he doesn't want to be in everyone's summer vacation photos.

The fence has taken on a green hue from the rain.
Remember that aphid problem we had this summer?
They left with the leaves but the sap that misted off the freshly chewed leaves...
turned the fence a hue of black.

Green and black hues on the white rail fence does not make for a happy farmer...
let me tell you.

Now he'll see this and say...
"they don't need to know everything".

It's true....
but the rest of the news around here isn't blog worthy either so the fence hue restored to white...
it is .

I'll be leaving on a jet plane tomorrow to go to Calgary with Anneliese and Marg to sign books at the Ten Thousand Village store on Crowchild.

I'm excited!
I love the idea of a bit of a get away and the bonus is a visit to see family.
I'm thankful for two such wonderful reasons to visit Calgary.

I'll do my utmost to post a few photos while I'm gone.

all for now...


  1. That's funny. Your sneaky picture, that is. :) I hope the aphids die off during the winter. Have a great time in Calgary. That's where our daughter lives. :)

  2. That 'sticky stuff' on fences and home siding is not pretty....and an action shot is always good. Loving it here but we sure tried to get tickets to join you in Calgary....and visit our kids and the littles.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh I hope you have a wonderful time in Calgary! That is a city I would enjoy visiting! I think I finally have my head around Thanksgiving. We had a Hobbit birthday party for Rachel's 13th on Saturday (I'm not posting about it) and now that that big event is over I've got to get ready for next week!!!

  4. What? He doesn't enjoy being blog fodder? LOL

    Boy, oh boy, we sure need to do some of that kind of cleaning outside here, too, but time got away from us and now it must wait for spring.

    Enjoy your getaway with the girls, meeting new friends and old, and reconnecting with family!

  5. So funny - I sure can identify with this...my farmer is super camera shy! Have a great time in Calgary!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Oh...is he for hire? We have a beautiful black fence on the roadside that needs to be cleaned, but I'd rather kick off with you and go to Calgary. See you then.

  7. Calgary has a great ring to it. It just sounds like a place that should be visited. Blessings on the signing!!

  8. They don't need to know everything..." is what I would get here too, but someday it won't be about them (the readers) any more and we will have documented our lives if we ever want to see whatever kept us busy! Looking forward to a brief visit in Calgary.

  9. Painting a fence is always blog worthy .. at least it has been since Tom Sawyer and Huckelberry Finn! smile...
    It looks great !

  10. Looking forward to a report and sight seeing from Calgary. Bernie's been there; his company has an office in that town. I haven't though. Hope the book sales go through the roof!
    So you have an honest to goodness paintable old fashion wood fence? Seems like everyone has vinyl fences these days and the idea of painting a fence seems quite quaint and homey.

  11. Have a fun time over there...with family and meeting new friends! And tell the farmer his white-washed fence looks fabulous!

  12. I have so enjoyed reading down through your last few posts. It made me smile to read your husband's remark, because I know a guy who has already said the same thing:)

    As for your trip to Calgary, it looked like so much fun! It makes me want to go and visit our local Ten Thousand Villages and see how they decorate for Christmas. It also makes me want to pick up your cookbook and start cooking again.

    As for the ironed sheets and comfortable bedding at the B & B, that sounds right up my alley.


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