~ how to have a nearly perfect tree trimming party ~

His Jobs

  • cut the tree down
  • remove bottom branches and give it a good stamping to get out dry needles
  • get decorations and tree stand down from the attic
  • put tree in stand bring into house
  • put on lights
  • decorate the tree ... with her
Her Jobs

  • pick the tree
  • turn on the music
  • give the tree a special drink of lemon lime soda and water
  • make delicious food
  • set the coffee table 
  • decorate the tree ... with him.
Every year it is the same.
Some traditions are so nearly perfect they require no change.

all for now..


  1. A beautiful tradition Lovella. It's going to look beautiful when you've added the finishing touches. I like the idea of a snack while decorating. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. This does indeed sound like a perfect tradition, Lovella. Ours tends to be a more rushed affair. I'm taking notes here today.
    Very pretty photo.

  3. I love this!!! What a great tradition.

  4. A wonderful his and hers tradition for sure. You have me intrigued with the soda and water trick. Does the tree stay fresher longer??

  5. Sounds perfect. I can still remember the first Christmas my daughter and her husband spent together when they were dating. My daughter had romantic ideas about a tree-trimming party. We would have egg nog and cookies and play carols and all decorate the tree.

    The plan worked for about five minutes. Soon, my husband was asleep, my son-in-law-to-be was playing on the computer. And my daughter and I were decorating the tree, alone, just as we had for the past several years!

    So it's nice to see that some people manage to get the traditions to work out!

    Happy Holidays! xoxox

  6. Though I have no tea-party...and no helper...I always have the Christmas music playing while I decorate. I think I need to recruit a partner for my tree-trimming party this year. I've been on my own since my daughter left home...and this sounds like way more fun!

  7. Your tree is beautiful, Lovella! It sounds like you both have a wonderful tradition for trimming it :)

    We will get our tree next week --hubby is in NYC this week and I am doing my usual grand babysitting. We decorated outside to day while the weather here was till unusually warm-- I heard that will change mid week.

  8. That is so true. So many jobs are handled the same and why change if it's going good. I loved your snack food. That's what we eat all season long....it's the best.
    Only last year J thought that he could introduce a new technique for watering....we will all keep smiling.

  9. That sounds a lot like our tree-trimming tradition, which we will revisit next weekend. At our house, it's cheese fondue while we decorate.
    Thank you for your note on my blog last week - I appreciated it!

  10. Must.add.food. to list of jobs. And maybe even some wine. Definitely adds a party atmosphere. Not sure how the tree would turn out though (haha - jk!)

  11. The picture and the words...beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. This post should be on the pages of a book for newlyweds.


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