Things on my calendar and the frosty air.

It has felt a bit chilly the last while.
If the sky clears at night...
there is a hint of frost.

I admit to not spending a lot of time outside during the day this time of year.
I do a lot of poking my nose out the door to test the air.

Behind the scenes the Mennonite Girls are busy planning and starting to do some preliminary work on our Old Fashioned Cookie Class at Lepp Farm Market on December 4.
It looks like it won't be much longer and the class will be full.
It's such a worthwhile labor of love to partner with them to equip the kitchen at Matthew's House.

Matthew's House is nearly ready to receive guests.
They are getting ready for their open house on November 23.  
If you live in the valley and would be interested in seeing this home where BC children and their families will be loved and cared for...
be sure to check the link for more information.

Two events for you to consider...
I'll leave you with that.

all for now..


  1. Another very worthwhile project! I would be signed up for that class if I had the chance! Wishing they would do a video ...?
    Happy baking!

  2. That Mathew House open house would be great to go to. Time will tell.
    Beautiful frosty photo...

  3. Ooh an old fashioned cookie class - that would be right up my alley! I checked out the link on Matthew's House - what a great project!

  4. Pretty much an indoor gal when it starts getting cold, too. But you have lots to plan and look forward to. Does anyone ever film these classes? That would be so much fun to see!

  5. That would be fun to go to a cookie class to support such a worthy cause. I hope it's a success.

  6. beautiful picture,.. autumn is nearly gone and the cold weather has arrived!

    Sunset and Icicles

  7. I love crisp air. It's so fresh to breath in and I actually love the feel of it on my face.
    That cookie class is going to be such fun. It's wonderful to be a small part of the big picture of Matthew's House. What a blessing for those who need rest.

  8. There may be a chill in the air...but lots of good things are happening to warm the soul!

  9. Personally, I wish I could attend both events. For those who do, I am sure they will be so blessed. What worthwhile causes!

  10. Fence looks fine in this photo...
    Is this a before or after shot?


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