The November Easter Lily

Last November when I was working on photos for the book I wondered how I would make my Easter Paska look authentically like it was photographed in spring.

Magazine photography deals with this dilemma all the time but they have the advantage of professional lighting and endless props.    I was dealing with our typical November low cloud skies but wandered into the garden to see if anything would suffice to make the photo look like spring.

When all the other garden perennials were dying off...
there was the Easter Lily that I had quickly planted behind my peony after its last blossom fell off after Easter.
I couldn't believe it had buds and some of them were opening up on Paska photo taking day!
It was a gift from God and it was my best photo experience for the Celebrations book.
There were other recipes that had better light...
but this was the only one where I felt that I was sent flowers from heaven.
When I see that photo in the book, my eye always goes to the Easter Lily first.

This last week when I was cutting off perennials ...
there was this years Easter Lily trying to form buds.

I'm thankful for God's precious reminder that if he can make Easter Lilies grow in November...
 he can deal with all the other details that concern me today.

all for now..


  1. On my last walk through Minter Gardens, I noticed that all their Easter lilies were putting on one last show. Yes, God can make flowers bloom out of season...and bring sunshine on a rainy day!

  2. Yes, He certainly can. How good to have that reminder.

  3. Beautiful, Lovella. God makes all things new...

  4. He definitely can, Lovella! Love the vivid reminder!

  5. That is awesome Lovella. God is amazing!

  6. I love things that are 'faithful' even out of season.
    Our neighbour's dogwood tree.. the only one out of 80... is blooming now when the leaves have turned colour and are falling off !

  7. What a great story Lovella! I just looked up your Paska recipe in the book - the picture is beautiful and will always remind me of this "gift" you received. A wonderful resurrection story indeed!


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