Ten Thousand Villages Calgary

I'm back!
We got the last flight home last night and just wanted to say...
all is well.

If you haven't ever visited a Ten Thousand Village store during the Christmas season...
I would encourage you to have a look at your local store.
They have unique and beautifully handcrafted ornaments and decorations from around the world..
and they are all fair trade.

We stayed with in Auntie Hilda's (and Uncle Lou's) wonderful "B&B".
The sheets thick luxurious cotton and ironed!
The kitchen was open and breakfast breads, scones and muffins were served.
I have a few things on my grocery list after eating at her breakfast table.

More on the stay there...
another day.

We had a lot of fun at the Ten Thousand Village Crowchild Calgary store.

What makes these signings a success?
If even one or two would come to buy a book and make us feel welcome in their town...
I'd be happy and if there are groups that come...
that is fantastic.

Thank you to each of you who came and told us your stories about what the books mean to you.
Thank you for rushing over from other events to make it in the nick of time.
Thank you for bringing your daughters and your little friends to buy books for their Mom.
Thank you for smiling and becoming the faces we will think of when we try to envision where the comments come from on the blog.

Time to get moving here.
The suitcases are sitting by the door and the sun is nearly up!

all for now...


  1. Thanks for the peek into the windows at TTV and your weekend. You all look great in that photo!

  2. Oh I would so enjoy shopping in such a beautiful place. What Christmas delights! Can't wait to hear more about Aunt Hilda's! It also sounds delightful!

  3. I'm glad you had a successful trip to Calgary. The shop looks wonderful.

  4. I loved the energy and support that Ten Thousand Villages gave to all of us and their customers. There shop was so beautifully decorated for the up coming season.

  5. So happy to read of your time away on our behalf. Lovely photos!

  6. Just saying hello, Lovella. I don't comment here often enough. I'm so happy at the success you MGCC's are enjoying with your cookbooks and the good you are doing for children in need. I love Ten Thousand Villages, and wish there was one nearby here. I can just imagine what unique and interesting items are there for the Christmas season.

  7. Glad you gave us a 'peek' into your time in Calgary. It sounds like you had a warm reception...all around!

  8. I was so happy to meet you all in person! Thank you for coming out to Calgary and sharing a bit more of you with us. ; ) Merry Christmas!


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