gathering away the eggs

I always enjoy watching Kanneloni Macaroni put away the eggs.
Have I ever posted a clip of this before?
It seems to me that I have.
I bring them eggs fresh from the hen house in a tray and she puts them into cartons to store in their fridge.
It's her job.
Somehow.. she usually gets them put away without any incidents.


I did several clips on this day and this one made me laugh because she used first her right hand...
and then her left hand.
As she worked her way to the end of the carton...
the weight tipped it over the edge and she caught it....
and saved the eggs.
Too bad I stopped the clip before it happened.

all for now...


  1. She's so cute!
    Love the new background - stunning!

  2. Wow...she's a pro. She even grabs 2 at a time! :)

  3. That's so cute.....she'll want to take this clip along with her when applying for a job one day. Two hand....she's been watching the farmer:) She's darling!

  4. Sooo cute! Those are big eggs for those tiny hands. You can see her practical thinking when she moves the carton closer to make it easier.

  5. She's a smart little cookie to be handling eggs at her age! Such a good helper. You can tell she's pretty proud of herself :)

  6. Oh that's so adorable! I can't believe she can handle two at a time - so smart and ambidextrous. Apparently she has good reflexs too.

  7. What a little cutie! I'm amazed she can pick up two at a time in her little hand!

  8. You have her well-trained! Not only can she pack eggs...she can catch them when they fall.


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