First November Rain Storm

They promised it would be wet and windy and they forecasted it fairly accurately.

50 mm of rain fell over night and the next morning over the weekend and I watched from my front window as the leaves were blown off the Tulip tree.

It was a good weekend.
I hope yours was as well.

all for now..


  1. Glad you had a good weekend. It's suppose to be dry the first part of today...maybe I should rake up some of those leaves that fell...

  2. It sure was wet and windy. We were over in your neck of the woods and driving along the freeway on Saturday we had the wipers flapping furiously to keep up with the rain.

    I love watching the leaves fall - like a dance.

  3. I like those kind of storms. What is it about a fall storm? Maybe it lets us know that some shorter days are coming and that it,s OK to be snuggled inside our homes working on some other projects...enjoy!

  4. I really like this photo. The tree, the leaves on the ground, the white fence and the field of crops beyond. It's really beautiful. You have had a lovely fall and I guess the rains must come eventually.

  5. So the rains have arrived! Great photo.


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