Cutting Down the 2013 Christmas Tree

When do you begin decorating for Christmas?
Yesterday the tree came home!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.
The family is coming home here for dinner too.
I'm roasting turkey.
Oh the power of suggestion.

all for now...


  1. A lovely looking tree Lovella. Have a great turkey dinner today. (I'm all decorated including the tree!)

  2. Lovely tree! We have a 9 foot artificial that we've had up for a couple of weeks trying to jump-start the Christmas celebration. I'd love a real tree, but this is just easier. I admire your spirit! :D
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You picked a beauty!!! I'm going to start this weekend. I always wait until our daughter's birthday is over before decorating (it was on the 22nd). It's time!!!!

  4. Ha! Enjoy your turkey! With all that's going on next week I think I'll get the tree on December 8th!

  5. I can hardly think of a tree while sitting under palms. I'm sure your's will be very pretty and add to the holiday spirit in your home.

  6. The tree is beautiful and the photo a keepsake of a special tradition. I'm sure it will smell wonderful as you decorate!


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