A walk at the Bird Sanctuary

The weather is changing here.
We have enjoyed the most beautiful October.

The wind on the prairie can catch us by surprise and when it comes from the north east like it did one day this week...
we sometimes wish we would have worn a warmer coat.

We watched the fish swim down Willband creek.
Running from one side of the bridge to watch the fish swim through to the other side became a fishing sport in itself.

I carried many little dandelions on the walk.
Occasionally... I would "lose" them but my supply was easily renewed.

They often stopped and chatted...
it was lovely to watch.

I somehow didn't focus this shot very well but I love it regardless.

I grew up on this prairie.
The hills in the distance are all familiar to me...
and yet I went home with a sense of a new experience and a new perspective.

Being intentionally thankful each day has given me joy...
and for that I am thankful.

I plan to do a month of Thankful posts again for October 2014...
because it was worth it and God is worthy!

all for now...


  1. (It was wonderful, Lovella, the month of gratitudes and I appreciated how it set me up for my own month of being especially aware of all that I have to be grateful for. I'm not doing a gratitude list this year, but one can't help be in a giving thanks season without thinking of such things. Today, I'm thankful for my darling taking me out for breakfast. It's a treat.)

    It is always fun to see this happy group of grands along with their pretty mother. I love that you notice the little things, the sweet exchanges. How's your bouquet of dandelions doing?

  2. A lovely walk and reflections. Blessings!

  3. Beautiful pictures and more reasons to be thankful! Sending you blessings!

  4. beautiful pictures! I am at this park quite often and quite often wish I'd brought my camera.
    We've had a lovely October indeed!

  5. Your month of thankful posts were so beautiful!

    Love your prairie pic's today...and those of your fun fall outing with your grands.

  6. I really appreciated your "thankful posts". Many times you reflected my heart also and it was interesting to see how during this time there were many experiences in your life that were challenging and yet you continued to give "Thanks"
    I enjoyed this post also...there,s nothing better than sharing memories with the 'little ones'

  7. I am learning along with you about being intentionally grateful. There is so much more to see when our eyes are waiting in expectation.
    Looks like a beatiful walk.

  8. I appreciated your "Thankful" posts so much. I remember my daughter had a poster in her room as a teenager, and it said, "Dear Lord, you have given me so much. I ask for one more thing of you, and that is a grateful heart." You gently directed all of us, to look at life with an attitude of gratitude through it all.

    I never lived on the prairie, but I sure did enjoy these pictures, including every single dandelion being given to you.

  9. Absolutely beautiful fall scenery there! And the children are growing up so much! We've had a beautiful October and there are still some leaves on the trees. Dreading the day, soon, when there will be nothing left on them. Oh well, we'll have to turn to beauty indoors and cozy and warm things.


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