Watermelon Party (and Rollkuchen of course)

Turning three is lots of fun!
I had no idea what the theme was except ...
could I please bring Rollkuchen.
Of course.

Party dresses were hung waiting for the birthday girl to finish her nap.

Watermelon themed birthday parties with a slip and slide attraction are always a fantastic idea on a hot summer afternoon.
It was perfect.

Stuart "cooked" the chicken.
Crispy and hot and delicious.

There was a large platter of veggies for those who needed a quick bite before the meal began.
I am always amazed at how many veggies are consumed when tummies are real empty.

Meanwhile at the slip and slide...
the littlest was getting the hang of slipping and sliding. 

Sometimes the best fun is watching the older kids slipping quick!

The squirting water was also a big hit...
as long as you were not in the way of flying trapeze artists.

Why do boys just know how to use slip and slides intuitively?

Lots of smiles .. 

Lots of laughing.

The pre-filled water balloons were divided up...

and distributed.

I went in and glanced at the food...

from both angles.

Earlier in the afternoon I was given the fun privilege of waking the birthday girl from her nap.

Eyes not yet fully open...
she says..
"where is grandpa?"


Picnic food is always better outside...
and with friends.

They played musical chairs a few times.
This same picnic table has been used for a few years and I think the bench is getting a bit short.

If it was a problem..
we never heard about it.

After supper was over...
the PiƱata was lowered and raised and given a chance of survival.

Two turns each until it was broken open and the goodies were scattered and retrieved.

Turning three is indeed a lot of fun!

May you grow strong this year sweet little miss muffet.
I pray that you keep trusting and obeying those that love you so much.
May you grow to love Jesus more each day...
and always keep your heart tender.

Love always!


  1. Oh what a fun and creative theme. Such sweet little grands and especially the birthday girl in her watermelon dress! I love the birthday "cake". Great picture of the flying trapeze artist...

  2. Another fun celebration. I'm with Rosella on admiring the flying trapeze shot!

  3. Let me just say that 'slip and slides' are made for children and not for 40-something mothers who are trying to keep their 11 year old sons company..... Ahem. I tried....

    Great fun! Pretty pictures of a nice party!

    1. I'm laughing! Been there one generation ago. I did think it would be pretty funny to bring my swim suit to join in the fun and they would have loved that but I played the "I'm a Grammie and very old" card.

    2. Lucky! I don't have that card yet!! ;)

  4. Oh, you've had fun! I love the watermelon dress and cake, and polka dots and puffy Rollkuchen and the three girls on the bench! Summer birthdays are the best!

  5. Summer birthday fun just keeps getting better and better!
    I am trying to decide if the advise to avoid slip and slides as a grandmother is wisdom or not. Sure sounds like fun still to me.

  6. So cute...those watermelon sundresses and the watermelon decor! Good food...good fun...and good family to share it all with. Your grandgirlie is blessed indeed!

  7. I like this party...from princess teas to slip and slides and yet everyone enjoys being together. You captured some gorgeous photos...the backs of those three little girls. Two parties, two different themes, two different crowds, but everyone is celebrating life.

  8. What a perfect day for a slip and slide party. Looks like the kids had so much fun! The party girls little dress is darling....and I just love the picture of her blowing out her candles on her watermelon cake. Love the glasses and headband too...sweetness! Happy Birthday to your little grand girlie!

  9. Oh how fun!!!! Last night Laura was "reading" and said, "It was not a berry day, it was a watermelon day." ha ha! That's what it was for you all! What a great theme. We are crazy busy this week with Vacation Bible School and trying to get all the kids to finish their 4h projects by fair check in. Yikes! Michael is away for the summer studying and we leave for our trip to Scotland on August 20. (I think you knew we received a grant to pay for this Sabbatical...) Anyway, life is full :)

  10. What fun, creative, colorful parties you all plan and carry out. The watermelon theme is a good one and the chicken looked so good I wanted to crawl through the computer:) The slip and slide is always a perfect way to bring out the smiles. This was just the sweetest looking party! Thanks for sharing it.


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