Turning Two

Little Oh turns two today.
He has become such a source of joy and amusement in our family.
When he was born two years ago on my beloved's birthday he became a gift that has continued to bless us.

He smiles all the time unless he is hopping mad and even then those hopping mad moments are so momentary we laugh at how he is able himself to change the subject when an annoyance takes hold of him.

He loves his Daddy..
his run bike....
his brother and sister.

He loves trucks and his Grandpa his Omi and Opa...
and he loves me too.

He loves water.

He loves his Mommy.

Did I mention he loves his bike?

Dear Heavenly Father....
Thank you for our darling little boy.
Thank you for his smile and his infectious laugh.
May his heart always remain soft and the determination you have given him keep him unswerving in the years to come.
Thank you for his ability to take unhappy moments and swiftly switch his attention to happy moments.
Father we pray that his love for you will grow.
Thank you for the gift of two year olds!  

Happy Birthday to my beloved...and Little OH!


  1. Sweetest post of the day so far... What a beautiful boy he is and how good to know that he is a happy one. Your prayer for him will surely be answered. Wonderful pics! (I am resisting the urge to lament two years having zipped by already. Really, I am. =D)

  2. He is a treasure for sure! Each post about your merry mix of grands is a delight.
    Happy Birthday to Terry! (And how does he manage to change his attention if he ever gets hopping mad? Can't picture Terry hopping mad but anyone who raised two healthy active boys surely had a moment along the way!)

  3. Sweet! Happy Birthday to two very special people in your life!

  4. Happy birthday to the sweet little guy! Happy birthday to your beloved, too!!

  5. Happy birthday to 2 very special people in your life! What a cutie Little Oh is!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I just read over the other comments and saw that Anneliese and I wrote the exact same thing! LOL

  7. Happy birthday to your favourite man in the world...and one of your favourite little people. I always hear a special something coming from you when you talk about little OH.

  8. Such a special tribute to your sweet two-year-old! Happy Birthday to Little Oh...and to Big T!

  9. He is adorable. What a gift on your husband's birthday to enjoy each year.

  10. Oh how we can tell how much his grammie loves him! Happy Birthday to Henry O and to the other man in Grammie's life whose birthday it is today!

  11. Happy birthday to both your husband and grandson! I can see they have a very special bond. You are truly blessed with a beautiful family, Lovella. It is such a joy to see them on your blog

  12. PS: Hope you are having a wonderful summer. My granddaughter has been keeping me very busy as I babysit her all week while my daughter is at work. I love it, but it means much less computer time. She is napping now--nice to have a few minutes to catch up with you!

  13. happy birthday, little Oh!!

  14. Oh the perfect age of two !!
    May his smiles and infectious joy bless others all his life long!!

  15. Happy Birthday to the two special people in your life! This little guy sure does seem like a treasure for your family. Isn't it fun to see how each of their personalities develop?


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