Thursday's Lunch Invitation

I'm not usually at a loss of words on how to tell a story but as I write this on Thursday evening my heart is full and I'm still feeling the rest and peacefulness of the afternoon.

For those of you who live in Canada I don't need to explain to you what a Member of Parliament is but for the sake of those out of country I'll give a brief explanation.

Members of Parliament are elected in their local constituency and represent the regional and local concerns of the people that live in their riding (electoral district).
They work in Ottawa when Parliament is in session and also have offices in their home ridings.
Our Member of Parliament is Ed Fast.

Though I had not up until yesterday met the Honorable Ed Fast and his wife Annette face to face..
our shared faith and our Mennonite heritage have connected us and of course we feel we know him because we have been most happy to have him as our MP since 2006.

Anneliese and I live in Abbotsford while the rest of the Fraser Valley Girls (of MGCC) live in the Chilliwack riding.
Anneliese and I were talking one day and thought it would be wonderful to be able to somehow present a book to the Prime Minister and his wife.
Anneliese has known the Fasts "forever" and so she offered to call up Annette and see if we could take her to lunch and leave a book with her that could be passed on to our Prime Minister and his wife.

She agreed that lunch would be wonderful and invited us to her house.
I was beyond excited.
Lunch invitations are not something that clogs up my calendar and well...
let's face it...
I was going to the home of my Member of Parliament...
for goodness sakes.


Annette also invited her long time neighbour and very good friend Marilyn.
The ease in their friendship and their common gift of encouragement and hospitality put us on an afternoon course of being blessed.

Three salads which were all unique and delicious...
cheese biscuits that kept me eyeing the basket..
 lightly sweetened fruit water and delicious coconut yogurt parfaits...
eaten on their beautiful back deck was ...
absolutely refreshing to my body and soul.

We chatted about our Mennonite Girl story..
 the connection between the three of them...
our families...
and our wonder of what is still to come in the lives of us all.

As I saw the pulse of their hearts I was encouraged in a new way to rest in God's plan for Mennonite Girls Can Cook.
Whether we sell tens of thousands of books or more than that...
it is all part of God's plan and we will simply be grateful and thankful and willing for the opportunity ahead.

They prayed for us and shared scripture with us and blessed us as we ended our time.
I had no idea the blessing that awaited me yesterday afternoon.
The food was wonderful but the blessing of that visit was beyond what I realized I needed. 

At the end of our visit...
my camera made it's appearance in a less subtle way.
A picture of us to remember the fun conversation...
the inspiring women we had lunch with...
and the bond that we have in various ways.

As the shadows were reminding us that it was no longer afternoon but early evening...
Annette heard her husband's car coming up the road. 
 (we all know the sound of our husbands vehicle =)

Just in time for a photo op...
introductions and a quick chat and we were on our way.

My beloved was just finishing mowing the lawn when I got home.
 I ran into the house and opened up the refrigerator to see what I could toss together for dinner. 
Burgers on the grill and a long chat in our tent made an already wonderful day...
the best.

all for now..


  1. What a delightful afternoon!!!! I always find it such a treat to be the guest after usually playing the hostess. It sounds like you were also basking in the joy of being the recipient of such love and care. I'm so happy for you! I'm sure you are still smiling from it!

  2. How nice! It's always nice to know a good politician and he and his wife must appreciate your prayers. It's a tough job!

  3. Everything looked delightful! Glad you had such a good visit....

  4. God bless you, Lovella, for your warm and loving heart that though it is chock-full of friends and family there was room for two more! The afternoon was a blessing to me, too! With love, Marilyn

  5. I'm still smiling today! Such fun aroud that table, we did not want to leave!

  6. Wow! Where will you talented gals end up next? It amazes me that God is using you all in so many special ways. That is what God does. The unexpected, the way above what we could ask or think, the surprise invitations and so much more. Who would have thought that two special cookbooks could open so many doors! I love that you shared every one of these pictures of this lovely occasion with us. You all look good too!

  7. I whole heartedly agree with Judy's "way above what we could ask or think" verse!!! What an incredible opportunity for you both to share in this way and to reach out even further with your incredible stories and charities! This is just another example of your obedience and faithfulness!

  8. Most special...and memorable! A blessing all around...I think. I just heard about the Honorable Ed Fast in the news today...I didn't realize he was the Minister of International Trade for our country.

  9. Was transported back in time as I was reading this post.
    Hard to believe that I graduated with the Honorable Ed Fast and that we attended several classes together during grades 10-12.
    Here's hoping that your friendship with him will open many more doors for your books and the projects that these books support!
    God Bless!


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