The Phoenix Mennonite Assembly Convention

Yesterday I laid out the things to tuck into my carry-on.
We've been invited to attend the Phoenix Mennonite Assembly Convention by our publisher MennoMedia.
This is such a great opportunity and we are thankful that they invite us to participate in places we might otherwise not attend.
 I am looking forward to being part of this very large group of people who have planned and looked forward to sharing faith, friendship and family together.

I have to say I am getting much better at packing.
I remember going away for several days and opening up a large suitcase and placing all my favorite and not so favorite clothing items inside and then choosing each day what I would wear once I got to my destination.
In the last few years I think ahead to each day and what will be needed.
Two days in Phoenix....
two dresses.

There is of course the quart sized bag of liquid items that need to be inspected carefully.
One small makeup bag holds the rest.

Kathy is coming with me this time and we are both bringing extra aprons which then will be used to hang up around our book signing table.

Black and white is so boring I know...
but so helpful when thinking of shoes and one matching sweater for the chilly airconditioning.
Two dresses...
one skirt and top to wear there and one extra top for the way home.

Flip flops for when we are off duty.

The boarding pass and passport and packed.

Some business cards for those that have yet to hear about our blog.

Some postcards that we can sign on the back for those that forgot to bring their book along.

As though Anneliese knew the theme of my wardrobe...
she packed up sweet little gifts for Kathy and I and dropped them by yesterday.
We might go in two's and three's but we are ten...

Lest you feel jealous of our travel plans...
I've included the weather forecast for you...
in Fahrenheit....

and Celsius.

Do not feel sorry for us though...
we are very excited to do this as two girlfriends and co-authors.

I'm reminded again of the verse in Jeremiah 29:11.
I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord...

He always knew Kathy and I would one day travel together.
I'm thankful that his plans always work together for good.

As always...
I'll keep you posted and we'll be thinking of you.
If you would pray for us as well..
we would appreciate it so much.

all for now..


  1. I love how they have to say at the bottom of the temp..."very hot"... really?
    It's funny what cracks me up early in the morning. God be with the two of you as you travel and meet people. Love those postcards!

  2. Oh I hope you have "chilly" AC! You're going to need it. Have fun, you two! And may you sell lots of books for the glory of God and His work in Africa. (I hope that someone makes up that delicious punch Anneliese shared.)

  3. Love the fans on the gifts!
    And two dresses: with the low humidity high heat, if you needed to rinse one out you could just swing it out the window for 3o seconds and it would be dry.

    Praying for generous folks who buy both for the recipes and for water for Africa.

  4. Have a great time! I have learned, too, how much simpler it is to pack light. Bon Voyage!

  5. You are an experienced packer after all your travels this year Lovella. I dread the thought of packing for our almost 3 week vacation later this month. Wow. Those temperatures are really hot! I can't imagine. Have a safe trip! Blessings, Pamela

  6. You're a very efficient packer!! I've yet to learn that lesson. I need to take more trips so I can practice :) I hope you stay nice and cool in the AC - those temperatures scare me! My daughter, Sarah, experienced them when she was in India.

    I'm praying for you both - that your trip will be enjoyable, safe and very successful!

  7. PS - and so sweet of Anneliese! Enjoy!

  8. Hey. Where did you get your Ipanema flippers? Mine have all come directly from Brasil and I've only found Havaianas here. I prefer the Ipanemas - more comfortable, I think. Have a wonderful trip.

  9. I'll be thinking of you and Kathy - what fun you'll have! This is a great lesson on packing - love your choices. I always pack way too much! It truly is liberating to just pack what you can carry-on (no waiting for baggage). What a thoughtful and pretty send-off from Anneliese! I do hope you can stay cool - whew - those temps are dangerously hot!
    Say hi to our church's youth group if you see them (Crosshill Mennonite Youth) - they left on Monday morning. We are all hoping they are blessed and stay safe.
    Take care you two - looking forward to hearing all about it!

  10. You are truly becoming a packing pro! Perhaps there will be a travel-fashion blog in your future.... :)
    Safe journey!

  11. I love how summer weather clothes don't take up a lot of room and you have made good use of that fact! Funny about the wrapping paper . . . I had no idea! Hope everything is going well!

  12. Oh.. and I want to say.. cute dresses! Almost makes me want to pack again!

  13. I love your travel wardrobe! I'm so enjoying the reports you are sending back from Phoenix. :)

  14. Your pretty black-and-white wardrobe doesn't look boring to me! Looks like you've become very good at packing; you've have lots of practice lately. Enjoy your time in Phoenix, and I hope you manage to stay as cool as possible in that heat.


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