Princess Tea

Thursday afternoon I rushed up the sidewalk to the party which was in full swing.
My flight landed about the same time as the party started.
My princess dress / highschool graduation dress from 1977 was already hanging and it was one quick zip and off I went.

Turning four...
is a reason to celebrate...

She had confided in me earlier that there would be no boys at this party.
No brothers...and no boy cousin.
Only girl cousins and Aunties, Omi, Oma...
that was it!

High tea for little girls is so much fun.

She was all smiles!

There was a photo op all ready for each guest to have a photo taken with the birthday girl.
It was having a hard time staying put so I with my yellow chiffon joined in the backdrop and held up one end.

We were all asked to wear a princess dress...
oh the fun we had.
I hardly ever get invited to dress up anymore but wouldn't mind a few more invitations like this.

Love these girls!

Eventually someone held up the rod so I could have my chance with the birthday girl too.

Oh the fun of watching the opening of gifts and the joy of seeing them come close as she opened up their gift.

The most exciting part was the pouring of the tea.
As the grammie..
I was asked to please finish their cup of tea over and over so they could pour another cup of tea.

My mom's first set of good dishes was pulled out for the occasion.
There is always a little bit of my mom with me and it was very sweet to see the dishes used for this occasion too.

The chatter at the table...
lots of giggles and  girl talk.

The decision on which Tracycake to pick was difficult.
I settled on a chocolate pretzel...
so yummy.

At the end of the party...
I smiled as I saw Mommy and her little girl play and hug.

Lord, bless this relationship.
Thank you for this amazing Mommy who loves you and raises her children in a way that they see Jesus through her everyday life.
Thank you for your presence in this home and for your leading and guiding.
thank you for the gift of family.

all for now...


  1. Is that princess already four?! I must stop being so shocked by these things because it is not healthful. LOL!

    What an adorable princess and a beautiful party and the best part of all was thinking of all the fun that everyone had celebrating one very special little girl.

    Amen to that prayer!

  2. What fun!

    Four is such a great age....

    Your princess is adorable!


  3. That took me back! I tea party for a four year old - there's nothing quite so special. I'm sure that Grammie didn't mind finishing up all those cups of tea so that others could be poured. Pouring is such fun!

  4. A gorgeous little princess, and Grammie looks pretty too! bur most important...your prayer...

  5. I couldn't focus on much more, after I read that you still could wear your high school graduation dress! Way to go, girl!

  6. I love that dear little girl! Would she mind another having another grandmother's heart loving her from afar?

  7. Oh this is so precious Lovella! I'm in tears after reading your beautiful prayer. I adore tea parties and this one was amazing. What fun and what a lucky little girl to have a Grammie that still fits into her high school grad dress and loves her grands so much!

  8. What a fabulous party idea! Looks as if the guest of honour and all the guests had a wonderful time. xoxox

  9. Amen to your heartfelt prayer to end this beautiful party!
    Would that every little and big girl could feel so loved!
    So special to have an excuse to wear a princess dress! There are a few gowns hanging in one of our closets. I am tempeted to just go and try on for the fun of it.

  10. Now this is a real tea party! You sure know how to celebrate in style and with grace. Loved every picture! What an adorable 4 year old!

  11. What a tea party indeed. It's beautiful and it's so cute how she said, "NO Boys."
    Cherish these moments and you arrived just in time in a beautiful dress. I think someday I need to buy a princess dress! Maybe I will have a cause.

  12. Every girl loves to be a princess for a day, and she was certainly a darling one! I think her brothers must have been pretty happen to have a place to escape to one they saw all the prettiness. How cleaver to place the lamp on the table and make a soft back drop for photos. And yes...the gift of family.....she's a blessed little princess.

  13. oh my goodness! I love this!!!! What could be better?!! I love the princess dresses! and all the pastel colors and the china too. I think my mom always has a "little bit of her mom with her" too and since I never met my Grandma I am always trying to gather the little glimpses. :)


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