Phoenix Mennonite USA Convention

We met outside a Canadian Tim Hortons store ...
had our "group travel photo" taken and off we were to the border.

Our chariot in Bellingham was waiting.

We left the beautiful coastal island behind us...

and opened the gifts that Anneliese had tucked in for us.

and tried them out...right aways.
Beautiful pretty.

and magazines...which I love.

Below us the canyons and dry thirsty ground.

And we landed on the sizzling hot tarmac in Phoenix Arizona.

You know it is a big convention when there are street flags.

The Phoenix Convention Center!

We went to the LL1 level and found the MennoMedia bookstore.

At 7:30 the event began.
We were asked questions by Ben Penner the Marketing Director and we told our story...
answered more questions...
and then began to sign books.

We met the folks from MCC and had a great chat about the Good Shepherd Shelter and our new project in Kenya the WASH program.

Russ Eanes, Terry Graber and Ben Penner...
 served up the Black Bean and Mango Salsa while we signed books.

I met a cousin...of my beloved's cousin.

We met the founder of Menno Tea.
I couldn't help but point out to him how his tea matched our aprons!!!

We are all excited and agreed to be friends on Facebook.
Menno Tea...check it out!

At 10:30 PM...
Kathy and I went to find some dinner.
We chatted about the day's events.
We shared with the waitresses at our restaurant who we are...
and why we do what we do.

At 12:06 AM..
we finished our Facebook postings ...
our blog posting...
texting with husbands...
and are so thankful for opportunities we never expected!

all for now...


  1. Looks as if you gals stayed cool ! The extra fun you find...cousins of cousins and tea that matches your aprons! If I ever find that tea, I'll give it a whirl.

  2. How exciting to be at the Mennonite Convention! I hope all goes well and you have lots of wonderful fellowship!!!

  3. An exciting trip! You look nice and cool so I'm thinking the AC is working hard :) Here's to many books sold, signed and more fun adventures!

  4. What a couple of days! It looks like Phoenix really got into the spirit of the convention!

  5. Thank you for posting! I read this as though I wanted to know how it felt! Love, the "group photo"! You both look great! And wow, what a beautiful Convention Center!
    Amazing.. this opportunity! Wishing you a great day!

  6. You both do look fabulous. Love the gifts Anneliese sent along with you. Thanks for posting!!

  7. Thanks for doing a re-cap of your time in Phoenix! It gives us some idea of what you are up to. How fun (and timely)...that Anneliese sent fans along. You both look calm, cool and collected. Enjoy the day!

  8. What a gorgeous convention center! I think it is so sweet that food samples were Mennonite Men who Can Cook...or was it their "girls" who made it happen?

  9. I'm so excited for you - becoming famous because of your willing heart to serve our Saviour! You two look great in your "group photo". I love Kathy's jewelry!

  10. What an exciting adventure for two beautiful ladies! I can't imagine the fun it was to participate in such a meaningful convention.


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