little red hen

There are days when I wonder what happens to a woman when she slips from that role of raising children to nurturing the relationship of grandparent to grandchild.
We moved onto the farm when our boys were 13 and 15 and I can tell you that there was never a hen then that came poking around my house. 

She came in carrying her little friend and they both seemed quite relaxed about it.
I didn't blog back when the boys were 13 and 15 and maybe if I had there would have been a few more allowances then too.

The little hen rested quite happily in the loving arms if this three year old and was happy to be toted around. 

After a little visit in the house I mentioned what a lovely day it was outside and shouldn't we all go outside and maybe the little hen was sleepy and would like to go back into the hen house.

Farm life with grands...
it's a good thing.

I love summertime!


  1. Oh, yes. Grandparents are ever so much more relaxed than parents. Ha! I still get that you are not interested in becoming the Clampetts. LOL!

  2. Oh how adorable! These pictures remind me of the Nancy Noel paintings called Emma and Emma Louise with a little girl holding her chicken....

  3. Sweet!

    A girl and her hen....

    My kids bring our chicks in the house sometimes, but then right back out! They are cute, and hens are fun to have!


  4. I have a little blond girl who walks around her property carrying her chicken too. These pictures are so much fun! I like the loyalty of the dog who follows the girl and her chicken.

  5. These photos make me long for mid-August and a visit from our grandchildren. My mum always said that it's a grandparent's prerogative to be indulgent with grandchildren! These photos are so very sweet!

  6. So cute, for sure! I just love how the hen is relaxed in her arms. I doubt she'd be like that in mine.


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