Happy Canada Day 2013


I looked back on these photos from last year and saw how the children have grown.
Much has happened since we raised the new flag last year.
It is a day to celebrate our beautiful country that touches two oceans...
and borders a great nation of the US on the south.

Whatever your Canada Day traditions are...
I wish you a most lovely day.

If you were popping by...
I'd serve you up some Canada Day Cake from our Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.

The True North Strong and Free!

all for now...


  1. Have a beautiful day! These photos brought a smile to my face.

  2. Sweet photo memories. We are blessed to live in this beautiful country. Have a wonderful Canada Day!

  3. Love these photos from last year! Happy Canada Day!

  4. What sweet photos! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

  5. I saw your flag flying high today...I did not realize I'd bet a taste test of the flan by knocking on your door. =Love these photos!

  6. Our flag is flying against the beautiful blue sky here too, and we're wearing red and white as well! What a great day!


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