Cherry Harvest

"Bring an ice cream pail"...he said.
"The cherries are ready to pick and we better get them before the birds do."

We planted that cherry tree last spring so I didn't go find an ice cream pail.
I picked one bowl and decided that would be "insensitive" to his harvest hopes and selected a 6 cup measuring cup.

I waited at the bottom of the ladder...
dreaming of cold crisp cherries.

He was down quicker than my dreams could take root.
And....that was that.

Now I really want to have my fill of cherries.
Perhaps a day trip is in order.
The Okanagan valley is within driving distance and they have a schedule here of their Fruit Ripening Dates.  
According to them...cherries should be in their harvest prime.

I'll let you know...
if I found the real cherry harvest.

all for now...


  1. Well just enough to give you the craving for more. Hope you find a nice pick your own orchard in the Okanagan...

  2. Such a fun post! But ohhh they are beautiful cherries! Now even I feel like having some cherries!

  3. I hope you find your cherries - some areas were done their harvest when we were there.
    Be assured you'll have more than double your harvest next year.

  4. Your harvest may not have been big, but it sure looks good. I'm glad you were able to get them before the birds had a chance.
    Our cherries have been coming from Target :). Not fresh from the tree, yet still quite tasty.

  5. Such a cute post! I think that's a pretty good harvest for the tree's first year. It's worth the drive to the Okanagan, cherry season or not! I have some good memories of eating cherries there many years ago.

  6. Cherries and ice cream...what could be better!

  7. It is a start...bigger crop next year maybe?

  8. Bring some back for me!! I love cherries...I think I will go our right now and buy some.
    Happy Cherry picking.


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