An Okanagan Storm

While we were visiting the kids...
the storm clouds began to gather and I felt a bit hopeful that there would be some interesting weather.  

Some of my favorite Okanagan memories when we camped there for 14 years included the summer storms.  They rush in with blustery winds and dark storm clouds and they almost always include thunder and lightening.

I wasn't disappointed.
The beach cleared and since our the kids trailer was right next to the beach we stayed to watch the storm roll in.

The sky was beautiful.

And then we ran for cover.
It poured hard and thundered and lightened for a few minutes and then it was all over.

In the meantime..
the little ones were quite happy to hunker down for the few minutes.

It wasn't long and we were back at the beach.

It took the rest of the campers awhile to come out of hiding and that was just fine by us.

It is a rare day for the beach to be empty at this beautiful campsite.

Soon there was a competitive game of hot potato in the water.
I laughed watching the imagination of the young ones tossing that ball quickly.

Everyone loves a good beach...


  1. What a beautiful stormy sky! I'm glad you didn't have any damage from the storm. I like when a summer storm comes and goes quickly and the sun comes out to enjoy again. Love the alligator or is it a croc? Very realistic. There was a tornado in NB on Saturday (caught on film)! Crazy weather this summer.

  2. Oh wow - what a beautiful beach! Love summer storms like that (though we had a damaging one here on Friday and more branches are down). Who's the sand sculpture? That crock is amazing!!! Everyone looks relaxed and tanned.

  3. Beautiful 'sky watch' photos! So glad you were able to get in on a wee Okanagan storm...and some good family time as well. We used to camp in that area as well...and always enjoyed our desert get-away.

  4. Oh boy, looks like a perfect beach day for you! Glad you got your storm. Somebody has some great sand skills!!

  5. Your views could be mine, Lovella, as we are also high desert and the storm roll in or by each afternoon this time of the year!

    The crocodile looked very real--I ahd to do a double!

  6. I love storms also...the build up..the clouds gathering...that first flash....grabbing the camera's, the loud thunder and watch the monsoon rains pound down on all the tents and trailers...yet to be woken shortly to see blue skies.
    Those are the best storms.
    Now who is the artist? building that crocodile?

  7. Great photos...what a dark sky that was. AND you made me a little nervous with that last photo. Someone's an artist!

  8. That brought back memories of summers in the interior. Such a beautiful beach. Who's the artist? Those kids will come home with great memories and stories of storms and crocks and time with you and grandpa.

  9. Real thunderstorms are rare on the island, so I was pretty excited to be in Edmonton for one early this summer. I love the clear air after such a storm.

  10. Not often that I see thunderstorms in such a gorgeous setting. What fun for you all to experience something like the storm, and then get back out to the beach in a short time. I know the memories that are being made, will last for a long time. Maybe someday, the little ones and their children will experience an Okanagan storm. Great pictures!

  11. That's my favourite place in the world! Love Okanagan summer storms :)


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