a visit to the land of Ogopogo

A quick trip this week to see the Ogopogo was planned and taken and finished all quicker than you can imagine.

We camped at this same campsite many times when our children were little.
We were never alone and enjoy the company of our children...
our dear friends and their children.

When we ran out of eggs..
we went to the store but when you can call Grandpa and tell him you are out of eggs...
chances are he'll hand pick the nicest ones and tuck them into the car.

They have enjoyed their camping trip and we enjoyed having a peek into how they camp as a family.

I woke up early before leaving and popped some bread into the oven because what is eggs without  toast?

Since we were invited we thought we may as well set up a tent and stay the night.

We were snug as bugs in that little tent.
 It was purchased years ago when our boys  were into backpack hiking and convinced us that a good quality tent would last many years.

Who knew then that the tent would be useful to visit them as they end their week of camping in the place we once considered our family favorite summer spot?

To be continued....

all for now..


  1. Fun times in the summer with family. What a blessing! We'll be in your area a week from now and hope to visit the Okanagan Valley for a drive. Enjoy your family time. Pamela

  2. Those clouds look ominous! Is this a foreshadowing of things to come in part 2? No, you said that you were snug as bugs.

  3. Fun times..you can tell Grandpa picked the best eggs and they will have been so good with that fresh bread toast.

  4. Look at the tradition you started - so awesome! Fresh eggs and homemade bread - fantastic! The first picture of the sand creatures suits the name Ogopogo.

  5. Lakeshore Resort - ahh... 18 years there in beach site #21 (or #22??). This year we officially gave it up. Usually there will be someone in the campsite making rollkucken and making everyone's mouth water! It's bittersweet saying goodbye to that place - hope your Grands enjoy it as much as our kids did!

  6. Maybe short...but definitely sweet! How fun that you could whip up to Oliver and join them for a short time. Great pic's! How was the cherry feast?

  7. How could anyone in their right mind stay away from lakeside camping with adorable grands?
    (Written seated next to a stream while camping while waiting the arrival of my own grand kid. Oh yeah, great minds think alike!)

  8. It looks like the ogopogo finally made it to shore and everyone leaves him alone. Happy for your quick trip in to bring some fresh goodies from home. Although, I'm sure that was not your only reason. I remember our kids grandparents visiting us while camping, but they were too old for a pup tent. =)

  9. Sweet days of summer.....and the fun continues with the next generations. So glad you could pack up a little tent and enjoy some time with your family. Fresh bread and eggs.....makes for happy campers.

  10. What a great tradition of family camping. I'll bet the little ones were thrilled to see you arrive!
    You will have to come this way to visit the Cadborosaurus!

  11. What fun. Love that name...Ogopogo.

  12. Family traditions are great. Making wonderful memories with those grands. Lakeside is part of our tradition as well. Entering our 35th year, next Sat, # 48. We have 3 generations that come. Irene k


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