At the well

Yesterday morning we turned on the taps and nothing came out.
The alarm in the barn was blaring and it was soon clear that there was an issue with our well.
We live out in the country and waterlines do not come this far.
It is amazing how for granted the tap is ...
the shower...
the toilets.

In the 19 years we've lived on the farm this hasn't ever happened but of course pumps don't last forever.
My beloved paced between the barn and the house and did what he could as far as providing water for the hens.  

Texts between the kids and I were flying back and forth.
Don't you just roll your eyes at the auto correct?
Text from me...
I think we will be fine for supper.  I have a salad and cold chicken and I think Dad will want to stick  close here until the chickens are sleeping. We might come shower them.


Text from me..
Shower then..not them.
You don't want a bunch of wet hens even if they would love your bath.

My flight this morning to Saskatoon was postponed.
There is a book signing at McNally Robinson and Ten Thousand Villages store there tomorrow that I made a quick decision to attend with Anneliese and Bev.
God willing...
I'll be on that flight at 5 pm tonight.


  1. Oh, that's not good to lose water from the well. It happened to us once years ago when the 'jet valve' down the well broke. Our well isn't capped so we had to hand dig it to find it. Quite the experience! Have a lovely visit to Saskatoon! It's a pretty city.

  2. Hope it all gets resolved so you can carry on with your pans...blast!...plans. (Yes, I do hate it when the iPad thinks it knows best.)


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