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I set my alarm for 4:30 but there was no need.
I woke up well before the alarm and quickly got showered and dressed and my beloved drove me to the Abbotsford airport where we had a bit of breakfast together before the Mennonite Girls from the west boarded our 6:30 flight.
Mt. Baker on a clear day is magnificent and it somehow seemed fitting for the day ahead.

We arrived in Winnipeg and Betty and her daughter Alison met us and Charlotte arrived shortly after.
Two driven by Alison with Betty as her co-pilot and Charlotte with the other three and we were on our way.

Does this picture look at all familiar to you?
Tony was busy making lunch at Tony and Charlotte's house.
Page 144 in our Celebrations book. Tony made us his camper stew and it was every bit as delicious as we expected.

While we were there...
friends and family dropped by to say Hi.
Charlotte's great-nephew Carter...was the youngest of the bunch.

After lunch we drove to the B&B that Charlotte had arranged for our stay.
Women Refreshed at the Well.
It is as lovely as Charlotte had described to us.
Joy met us with genuine hospitality and warmth and we quickly were made to feel at home.
I'll post a few photos today and there are many to come.

My view!

The bathroom inspiration..

From the upstairs landing we look down to the great room where we shared a light lunch before signing and a time of devotions together with Julie who we skyped with later in the evening.

Joy's kitchen thought of the day.

We shared some fruit salad and cake and Bothwell squeaky cheese around the table before our first signing.

At 5 pm we left for McNally Robinson the first of the signings for the weekend.
What a gorgeous store!
OH my.  I could have spent literally hours in the store and will post a few more photos another day.

MennoMedia has another staff member I would like you to meet.
Byron Rempel-Burkholder is the Managing book editor and responsible for the endorsements you see in the front of the book.
It was the first time we had met and I enjoyed our visit in the spaces between books to sign.

We met wonderful people and had so many delightful little chats.
I have an apron story that I will share with you another day.
I always am surprised that there are people who come.
We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the kindness.

When I see the thoughtful work that goes into the displays in each store...
I see labours of love.

Julie's sewing...
Ellen's tablescape..
Bev's garden...
Bea's photography...
Reuben's cover design...
and then the store advertising and book display.

We go to each signing with a prayer that each book sold will bless the receiver and the child who ultimately has a clean glass of water in Kenya.

McNally Robinson has a beautiful restaurant in their store called Prairie Ink Restaurant.
They were serving up Kathy's chicken sliders ..
 Charlotte's Black Bean Taco Salad and my Maple Glazed Salmon with Prawns.
Amazing presentations.

Thank you McNally Robinson for hosting us so graciously.
Thank you especially to those of you who read our blogs each day and make us feel so special by taking time from your busy lives to come see us when we are in your town!
It's was a very good day.

Friday June 7 schedule.

Steinbach Heritage Museum 11-1

Are you in Steinbach?
We would love to see you in Betty's home town.

all for now..


  1. It looks like such a beautiful place...the B&B...wondering about the name McNally as it is features rather prominently in the publishing world. Will be interested to read those specific stories shared. Praying for more and more books to be sold!

  2. What a great report! The B & B looks gorgeous and I love the picture of you all sitting at that beautiful table in the great room. The book store is so lovely and you captured the feel of the displays and the restaurant offering MGCC recipes - so neat! Your prayers for the books to be a blessing in many ways is surely being answered. Let the blessings and fresh water flow!

  3. It was so lovely to see all of you beautiful girls at McNally. A very special blessing to me. (and my husband thinks you are a fun bunch!)

  4. I so enjoyed reading this! As you can imagine, I studied the photos carefully and will be doing so once more... to get the feel of being there. It looks like such a beautiful place to relax! I love the scene from your window and the view down into the greatroom. McNally Robinson's meny sounds amazing. It must be surreal to see your family meal on a restaurant menu.
    So much fun! Hope today brings more blessings!

  5. I want to add, you should keep that menu and put it out when your kids come for dinner. See how many helpings will be had at that price. =)

  6. What a beautiful retreat house and such a great idea! I looked at their page and saw the rooms which are all so lovely. It looks like you are having a wonderful reception with your book signings. Blessings to you all! Pamela

  7. I with Anneliese studied each photo - so wishing I was there with you! I can see that God surely is!

  8. I really thought this store was fabulous and run so well! I wish we did have more time to poke around in it...


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