the garlic harvest

I pulled up my garlic.
Tell me what you know about storing garlic.
We love it but this is the first time we grew it.
Who knew it was so easy to grow garlic?

Auntie Loretta gave us some to plant last year around this time.
It sat in a bucket for a month or so and then we finally popped it into the soil
The rest of the garden was cleaned up last fall and the garlic stayed in and now we are eating garlic!

I'm glad something is doing well in my vegetable garden.
Carrots have been sewed twice and still are spindly.
We were so late planting our garden this year with all the Celebration book festivities that by the time I went to buy onion sets they were all sold out.
I've planted onion seeds and I see some fine green threads coming up.
Maybe I'll be harvesting onions next time this year.

Rhubarb, garlic and potatoes.
That's what we will be eating this year.

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  1. I don't have a garden so haven't planted garlic. Our son planted a garden this year for us all to share but no garlic. I should remember that for next year. The garden is coming along but we, like you, need some sunshine!

  2. How timely Kathy's roasted garlic recipe was...
    Looks like a great crop, Lovella.

  3. Garlic from the store has an unwelcomed habit of vanishing from the inside out: the husks are there but empty after a week or so. My garden garlic seems to last longer. Vaguely I remember someone saying to store garlic in olive oil.
    Our tomatoes are growing so well this year and between Jeff's crop and ours we will have a wonderful variety of heirloom tomatoes!


  4. Your garden still has more than ours! Our strawberries were disappearing and today we caught the culprit.. well . . . saw him .. a little bunny rabbit. Suddenly he was not so cute anymore!
    BTW, Your garden sounds pretty close to what my grandma ate!

  5. Yay for fresh garlic!! For a few years we planted almost 1/4 acres of it - talk about labour intensive! I notice that you have some of the scapes in your picture too. If you remove the scapes as soon as they show their curled spikes (in early June) the bulbs develop much larger. We store our garlic bulbs, once they are dry and cleaned, in onion bags hung from the cellar ceiling. I once read that you should keep garlic on the second step of your basement stairs?? I guess it needs to be dry and fairly dark? Seems to work for us. Enjoy your fresh juicy garlic - mmmm!

  6. Lovella, I think you used the wrong thread for sewing your carrots ! giggle..
    I've never grown garlic - your's looks great - I love the photo!

  7. Our garden will be later this year too. Our conference and lots of rain delayed the planting. But it's coming along nicely so I imagine by Sept we'll be enjoying lots of our own fresh veggies - nothing better! I've never grown garlic but my brother does. I may have to try it.

  8. Store garlic in a cool dry place where it doesn't freeze.

    Last week, Andy at Abundant Acre Family Farm picked the first garlic for his CSA Box customers. (this is a bit early) He plans to have some for the Abbotsford Farmer's market in 3 weeks.

    Plant next years crop in September / October like you would daffodils, with a bit of bone meal and a touch of hot chicken manure 'dust' stirred into the bottom of the holes. I plant in rows a foot apart across my four foot wide beds with plants 8 inches apart.

    I top dress the garlic in the spring when the daffs are just blooming with 'chicken gravy'---> 50/50 chicken/water stirred in the wheelbarrow with a hoe and laddled on around the short plants, no later than the end of March. Mulch with last years leaves once they're 6 inches high.

    Lift the garlic the end of July and dry in a shady place. Clip the stems a month or so later. Garlic should keep til about April. My garlic can get up to four feet high with each bulb weighing a quarter lb. Good, well sized, organic garlic is wonderfully mild and worth $10 per pound.

    Happy growing.

    Darrell Abrahams.

    1. Thank you so much Darrell. This is all such great information and I am going to refer to it when we plant garlic again. You have answered all the questions so thoroughly. I truly appreciate it. Next time I have garden questions, I know who to ask.


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