the track..the practice and what matters

Remember when he was born?
I looked back at the post I wrote and wondered where the time has gone and how thankful I am to be able to look back and remember and reflect on God's goodness.

even without a birthday I feel like he has crossed another milestone.

Little ..Mister.. Not ..Want.. To.. Be.. The .. Baby ..
is watching and won't be easily parted from his bike either.

Little sister..tucked between the two boys...talks about her princess party coming up in July as she hops on her bike and rides over the bumps.
Tough..sweet...tender..all in one!

We went to his first official practice.
They have been visiting the track fairly regularly the last few months and now he is registered and so we went to cheer while we ate our picnic.

I had the camera slipped over my wrist and watched them..
even when they didn't have time to chat.

The white bike was loaned by the club for this day so he could get the feel of a correct bike for this sport.
At first it seemed awkward ...but he quickly appreciated the difference.

During his supper break...
Daddy and him discussed bikes.

We brought the picnic to contribute our part of the fun.

He quickly fueled up ...  (fueled is apparently not a word ..but I will use it regardless).

the littlest could not be talked out of the track.
He is quick...

but his Mommy is still quicker.

He was ticked off.

Back at the start line...
the gate is up and at first he used his feet to balance.
By the end of the practice...
he was balancing on the bike as it leaned against the gate.

he's off.

I kept thinking...
he's only five.

What does he know about what a five year old should be doing?

Big sigh...

These two..
stuck together a little closer.

He wore a romper...
like a 22 month old should.

When those snaps came undone...
he did too.

No boy...
wants to be caught wearing a dress on the super cross track..
and he was not amused.

Can't you just feel his impatience?

Meanwhile back at the bleachers...
the cousins partied and and enjoyed the picnic.

At the end of the day..
I think of all the changes of the last five years.
There have been many..
the addition of the grands are the most significant change in our life and truly...
what matters most.

all for now...


  1. Wow.....where have the years gone. So nice to see families out with their children. I loved seeing your kids in action.

  2. What a fun those grands! I can feel their excitement:) And yours!

  3. How spend the night with the family watching the grands have a blast! He looks like a five years old. I'm smiling...about the romper that became the unwelcome dress. Too cute!

  4. Ah...the grandparent attending sporting events phase of life begins. Hope you can test out the various bleacher seat (with back support!) options available for purchase these days. I know my turn will come and my back and bum winces just thinking about bleachers...again.

    So wonderful that all three grands love the same sport.

  5. that is so neat!! how fun :)

  6. This is truly an area that I am not familiar with, although had we given our son the chance, he would have loved it! I can tell you are already learning the terminology to announce the play by play action. Oh, sweet boy... good thing he has a praying Grammie there to watch!

  7. Such a fun thing for a little guy! That second one is not going to be afraid of anything.

  8. I loved this post and so do I love your back drop...that truly is being a grandma at heart as she goes out to watch those kids....and cheers them on1

  9. You are such a loving grammie. Not only do you bring a picnic lunch for all to enjoy but you are supportive and interested in his sport! They are all so adorable - love your descriptions!

  10. A whole new, interesting world that you are finding yourself in. Love how you wrote about this adventure. Can't wait to see what God has ahead for these little ones and their grandparents:)

  11. And I have the joy of teaching the "Bike-star!"
    I told him I saw pictures on Grammie's Blog..
    He looked wide-eyed and amazed..
    Oh, the joy of the internet! :)


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