Saskatoon Welcome

It is quite the story of how we finally got here to Saskatoon.
I felt so at home here...
and it wasn't just because of the rain!
The weather man is wrong here sometimes too.
I so wanted to see Glenbush but it wasn't meant to be.
I said to my beloved l feel like Glenbush came to me.

I have stories to tell..
pictures to share...
but tonight  I am tired and we fly out of Saskatoon at 6 and will be home in time to do chores back in Abbotsford at 8:30.
We really don't live that far away.
Perhaps....I'll come to Glenbush another time.

For those of you who came to see me...
my most sincere thankyou!

My parents were married in Glenbush, Saskatchewan 71 years ago today.
I felt a real tug to be here ...
I'm glad I came.

all for now...


  1. So glad that you were able to go and will be happy to read the stories. Such tugs are understandable and I have experienced them, too. Probably it is a universal truth. Rest up now!

  2. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more Lovella. Looks like there was a lot of rain during your visit to Saskatoon! Have a great day and weekend.

  3. I'm sorry that you didn't get to see Glenbush but I'm so thankful for the 'list' of things that God worked out for you !

  4. Kind of looks like Fresno :)
    So glad you made it and have some more good memories...


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