living on the prairie

Last week when we took off in the evening as we headed to Saskatoon I thought the world below looked so beautiful.
Flying out of Abbotsford gives us the additional benefit of lifting off to see our daily surroundings from the birds eye view.

Those rows and rows...
and rows of raspberries are perfect this time of year.
They are lush and carefully tied waiting for the fruit on the canes to ripen.

Abbotsford is a hop and skip to the American border and within a minute we were flying over the border and admiring the beautiful farms below.

People living outside our area often think BC is all mountains...
but we live on a prairie too allbeit a small one.
With the ocean on one side and the coastal mountains to the east...
we live in an area boasting beauty all around.

We crossed this winding river and then turned back to cross it once more.

After the stress of trying to get on that flight...
and then finally buckling up...
I was truly soaring high!

all for now..


  1. Great views from above, Lovella!

  2. Oh, Lovella, this is so interesting to a farm girl (? does 70 count as a farm "girl"??!) who lives in the hills of southwest Virginia (no prairies here!) and who is wondering what you are seeing from on high. Obviously, raspberries and I wonder what all of the red fields are. And is your farm actually in these photos? Great shots of your area. I obviously enjoyed your I do all of them. Thanks.

  3. Doesn't everything look neat and tidy...and well laid out...from up above? Great shots.

  4. I love your view from the top....Everything looks so neatly organized. I wished it always looked the same. It' fun looking down from above, except I always have a aisle know why.

  5. It is satisfying to view "home" from the air. Each place we lived...we craned our heads by the planes window trying to pick out landmarks. You did spot your farm, yes?

  6. Awwww - so beautiful from the air. We sure enjoyed seeing it from the ground today!! You truly live in a most BEAUTIFUL valley!!

  7. Really nice shots. It's so nice that you had a clear evening so you could enjoy the view. We do live in a beautiful province.

  8. You certainly can boast about having beauty all around. I so enjoyed seeing all those raspberry plants. So very interesting!


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