Lilly / Lunch / Seat Mates and Soccer

A little while ago Anneliese shared about the wonderful Sunday School teacher she had.
She shared the story here.
She asked us to watch for Lilly at the book signings and sure enough..
we met her and hugged her tight.

We had several new experiences this trip.
It was a first to be invited to a home for lunch after signing.
Margaret from the Ten Thousand Village store in Winnipeg on Henderson made us a most delicious Mennonite lunch.
We will never forget this meal.
See the twinkle in the eyes across the table?
We had a lot of fun.
Thank you Margaret for your wonderful hospitality!

Our plane was scheduled to leave right after our last signing at the Ten Thousand Village store on Plaza so the staff there served us a light and delicious supper in their staff room.

We were so happy that we were able to switch our seats to sit together.
I sat with Ellen.
She and I chatted it up... while she focused on the game at hand.
So handy to have the soccer game on TV between the Seahawks  (Ellen emailed me to say she was watching her Sounders now Seahawks...shows how much I know about soccer) and Whitecaps.

Judy and Kathy talked and talked and talked...
still beautiful and fresh.
Judy actually made herself do some Sudoka to settle down.
Who knew ladies of a certain age would have to use such measures to stop the giggles.

The plane was a bit bumpy.
When you ask the ladies in front to take a picture...
it is tricky with the bumpy ride.

We landed back in Abbotsford near 11 pm.
There was no photo op once we landed.
I made one bee line for the one who dropped me off.
I hugged my friends tightly and waved good-bye and happily hopped into the truck for a quick ride home.

It was a wonderful few days away.

all for now..


  1. As I was falling asleep last night my mind was replaying so many great moments from the 3 nonstop days we had. Thanks for sharing your buds with me!

  2. Oh it all sounds so wonderful! I must of that certain age because you had me giggling.... Lilly is the cutest!!! Love you all and so happy you had another very successful launch.

  3. Thank you for taking a picture of Lilly! It was so fun to reconnect with her recently and I'm so glad she came and had your signatures added to the book!

  4. Oh what fun...those three days! must be careful who you hand your camera off to. There are lots of folks who haven't a clue how to take a photo! (Or could it be that the lady in front of you had the giggles while she 'snapped'? I'm smiling.

  5. My head looks so big next to Lovella's... :)

    1. Oh that is funny Ellen. I never saw that. You were sitting forward ...close to the soccer screen. Me? tiny head ...can't find a hat to fit.

  6. It's been fun to read the accounts. One gets the sense that its becoming the stuff of legend. Where to next?

  7. Looks like one fun plane ride, wish I could have tagged along!

  8. I too was so happy to meet Lilly, I can see why Anneliese and her share a life long relationship. Everything is funnier when you're tired, Sudoka, soccer and arriving safely's all good.


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