kindergarten 2013

Born ten days apart...
they have always lived within driving distance.
Not too close...
and since the move from the far house to the near house last year...
not too far away either.

They are different like boys and girls should be.
I hear them once in awhile chatting about things that matter most to them.
They most often ask me if the other one is coming when they come to visit.
I like that.
I wonder if I'll notice when they stop asking that.

It might be like the sparrows who are suddenly gone in fall and then suddenly are back in the yard again in spring.

The younger ones invited me to dance...
while the older ones danced to their own beat.
She loves dancing and was quite happy when she managed to teach him some vital steps to her latest recital piece.
He obliged...
that's what nice boys do.

There was some twirling as per her instructions.

Today is their last day of kindergarten.
They have been in the same class.
In the beginning of the year he came over after school one day and reported that she had taken ill during the day and went home sick.
"I prayed"...he said.

(okay... I know it is blurry...but through my tears it doesn't make a difference)

It's been such a good year from my vantage point.
They have loved their teacher who has poured her love into these children.
Her tender and respectful way of speaking to her class has set deep into my soul.

Kindergarten 2013.

all for now...


  1. And so soon it's over...kindergarten that is. May they have a lifetime of being precious friends, strong supporters, and prayer warriors, as well as cousins. (I know that I still think of and hold dear all my "boy" cousins...all nine of them.)

    1. Vee, I love how you said that... May they always...

  2. I remember days when we played with our 'home cousins'...and this past month I've had two opportunities to play with my 'home cousins' only because as they grew up they all live far away. Keep the 'home cousins' thing going because they grow up. And it's OK to wipe those tears on your blog. Love it!

  3. When things are so good that tears flow things are very very good!

  4. I like what Thoughts of Life said .... so true! Having grandchildren, boy and girl 17 days apart, I can relate to the question of the other one coming and the memories they are building together. Your post . . . including the blur . . . expresses your sentiments so perfectly. May they always be best of friends.

  5. Oh.. I meant so say that I love the photo of where he is looking at her hairdo. You wonder what is going through his mind. Not fair that she gets to be taller this way?

  6. What sweet memories. They grow up all too fast and the next thing you know they will be graduating high school. Do you suppose they'll be in any grades together? I'm sure they will miss each other in class if not. But, they are still cousins and will still get to visit and play together.

  7. A very special year for these two cousins. May they dance in the rain and sunshine. Happy summer to you all. I'm sure you will make many more memories. Cuteness!

  8. How great is that. I love seeing cousins enjoy each other!

  9. Such a neat post! Most special that they are so age, in distance, and in their feelings for each other. May that always be the case!

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    1. Oh dear I didn't mean to delete that comment but it showed up twice and then poof it was gone.
      Anyway I meant to say that I loved the fun time the cousins are having together. May they always find something to dance about!
      I miss the good times I had with my cousins..I think I should plan a cousin get together soon!


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