Good morning Saskatoon

I was so excited to open my curtains this morning and see Saskatoon! It's a (land) moving and shaking city!
Looking forward to this day. My GPS had Ten Thousand Village. Store on 45th and McNally Robinson already routed. I'll check in a bit later,
Coffee is ready.  They are talking thunderstorms later.  =)


  1. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Thought of you with all the talk about storms!!

  3. Hello Lovella!

    Would like to thank you, Annaliese and Bev again for the opportunity to meet and greet you this morning at the Ten Thousand Villages book signing in Saskatoon.

    I'm the nurse and mother of 2 boys from Prince Albert who drove with my husband (Dean) to meet you! As the "Queen" of an all boys household, it was a treat for me to put all 'boy' activities behind me for the day and come and meet some of the women behind the fantastic cookbooks and blogs that I frequent and enjoy.

    You asked me to send you the link to my own blog so here it is -

    I am not nearly as dedicated to blogging as you are - I have often left blogging to moments when I feel I am most inspired; however, I think the exercise of writing more regularly would probably benefit my creative thinking. And photos are starting to sneak in a little more often now; they tell a story that words cannot. I have much to learn, but enjoy it nonetheless.

    Hope the chickens and the water were all fine when you returned home! ;) Thanks for making our trip special and memorable!

  4. I'm happy you could be there.


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