Get Cracking

Almost 19 years ago my Auntie Betty bought me this T-shirt when we moved to the farm.

This morning...
we are going to get cracking at the crack of dawn with the hens.
Usually we give them a sporting chance to get a start on the days work but our alarms are set for 3:30 and we'll be doing something we've never done as farmers before.

We will be finding the unsung heros that make a difference everyday to our communities and we'll be serving them breakfast where they are.

Good Morning British Columbia!

I'll let you know how it went.

all for now...


  1. Hope you had fun! Are you sleeping now?

  2. Leave it up to you to make the term "cracking" add excitement to a post. Anyone would be happy with one of your breakfasts.

  3. You did get up at the crack of dawn. Love that T shirt your aunt bought for you....she must have known you'd be having some early mornings.

  4. It says I already left a comment...don't think so...but I didn't have breakfast so may not be thinking clearly. Loved that video! And that tee shirt has truly been the story of your cute!


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