Family Weekend Away 2013

The photos look so similar from one year to the next.
We take a weekend at the very beginning of summer and find our favorite spot at Harrison Hot Springs Resort which works whether the weather cooperates or not.

We check in and take a few minutes to put our feet up because they are all not far behind.

A year older...
a little bit taller..

a little less of a baby...

enjoying each moment...

having family dinner..
and making it special.

This year everyone made sure they had a swim suit.

We spend all day in the water..

except for breakfast...
lunch and ice cream breaks.

Every year...
we swim a little bit better.

We cooperate ...
a little bit more.

Ice cream is ordered up at least once...
and sometimes twice a day.

Sometimes we conserve energy for the pool and enlist a ride to the ice cream shop.

Chatting about bugs and ants...
is fascinating.

When we are super tired...
we still enjoy ice cream...
and cuddling.

We also enjoy veggies and hummus...
and hard boiled eggs. 

We make our picnics right by the pool so that we don't lose precious pool time.

Did I mention we spend all day in the pool?

Family get away...
a special and most wonderful time!

Like a special little girl prayed in the morning at breakfast...
"Thank you for my family!"
"Yes Lord...
thank you for my family."

all for now...


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    1. Let me try this again...

      This looks like the best kind of family gathering! Wishing you many more Harrison getaways together in the years to come.

  2. I am glad you have learned to cooperate a little more this year, ha, ha. So cute.
    Harrison is a wonderful place and so close. I have never seen pictures of their pool. Is that at the Harrison hotel or somewhere else?
    I have not been by in a while. I love the new look of the blog. Very nice.

    1. Hi Lori,
      Yes, Harrison is wonderful and these pool photos are at the resort hotel. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day.

  3. Awww - such precious family times! Love all the ice-cream breaks. Glad you had a nice get-away with your loved ones - these are the days!

  4. A great tradition! So glad an ice cream shop is not far away...

  5. Once you start the traditions, they never stop, whether it camping or swimming. They remember the good times and want more ice cream and bigger ice cream every year. I love the photo of you holding the little one cuddling with an ice cream cone. So beautiful.

  6. That "here we are again" moment that is either a prayer of thanksgiving that all is as it was or an affirmation that life goes on despite changes in our world. So happy the changes were all good ones..

  7. It looks like a wonderful family vacation! I like the ice cream part. :)

  8. I can comment. You know me, so frustrating when I can't. I was here last evening to find a picture of your little tow-headed grandgirlie who little girl Princess Ann reminded me of. Had to prove it to John. We were watching a tribute to the Queen hosted by Prince Charles and they showed lots of video of him and his little sister. Very cute. If I had known that it was family weekend, I could have waited for today. Love the photo of her with her great-grandmother!

  9. Hello Lovella! It was so nice to meet you by the elevators at Harrison on the weekend. I think it's really cool to spot a fellow blogger. Your family time looks marvelous. Your grandkids are darling. I also had a lovely time with the Willingdon church women's retreat. It was refreshing for the body and soul!

  10. Looks like so much fun! What a sweet pic of you and Little Oh!

  11. Yes.. a sweet photo of you and Little OH! The fun was captured once more with much to give thanks for as another year has gone by!

  12. What a nice time you all had! It has been a long time since we have all been able to coordinate our schedules to take an extended family vacation. It looks like so much fun to be away with grandchildren! I hope in a few years we will be able to plan a get away like this.

  13. Enjoyed looking in on your family weekend. The kids have all grown and they will always remember and look forward to this weekend for years to come. I know you are thankful for your family! Thanks for inviting Scot and I to join you once your family had all gone home. It was nice to spend a relaxing evening together over supper in the lounge.

  14. It looks wonderful! Just because you've done it before doesn't mean it isn't worth doing again. I think traditions like this one are some of the best things in life. Enjoy your break. xoxox

  15. It was great to see your family having a great time, and especially to see Pauline.


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