Breakfast special / Signing Books in Steinbach /storm watch/ Norma and Jack

I woke at the crack of dawn again.  
It may have been early for me but below me Joy was already busy down in the kitchen.

You can see the cheer on her face and in the beautiful breakfast she served.

OH so lovely.  If only I could eat as much as this delicious breakfast deserved.

We headed straight to the Heritage Mennonite Museum first and I made a bee line to see if I could find the trunk that Shirley mentioned to me in her comments several days ago.
Here is what she said..
What an exciting time for you! Lovella ~ we met in Niagara-on-the-Lake when you were there together with Anneliese. I see that you will be at the museum in Steinbach! I had mentioned to you that my grandparent's trunk (dowry chest) was donated to the museum and is on display. I hope you will have a chance to see it when you are there :-) 
(They came to Canada from Russia in 1924 from the Molotschna Colony.)
~ Shirley ~ this the one?
What a beautiful gift to share.

After we signed books we wandered around the beautiful grounds.

There wasn't a lot of traffic.

No horses seemed to need harnesses.

But we did find our way to the kitchen.

The sampler plate was calling out to all of us.

The kitchen window was so beautiful.

I love a picket fence.

I had to check their rhubarb.

We went then to the Ten Thousand Village store in Steinbach.
Look at the amazing treats they made from our book.
I just marvel over and over again at the amount of work that goes into these signings.

Our aprons are spread out...

We meet the staff that hosts us for the few hours we are there..
and we have a wonderful time meeting people...

When we came out of the store...
my heart jumped with delight to see storm clouds.

We hightailed it over to Betty's so until dinner time.
She makes us feel so at home!!!

I ran outside to see how the storm was coming along.

When we left we had a chance to see her sweet grandgirl Kaila.

Betty's sister Norma and brother in law Jack graciously offered to have us over for dinner.

It was oh so wonderful.
I felt so spoiled.

Jack served us and Norma sat with us at the table.
We love Betty and her sister is already such a part of us too.  
the blessings are so wonderful.

I just have to show you the house that Jack built.


We came back to our retreat center just as the sun was setting.
We stayed up until midnight and then I came up to my room to chat with my beloved and quickly put up this post.

Tomorrow we go home.
Before we do though...
we have a wonderful day of book signings in Winnipeg.
We hope to see all our Winnipeg friends there.

Our flight leaves at 8:10 and we'll be back in Abbotsford at 11.
I'm just a little homesick.

all for now...


  1. Wonderful photos of your trip to Manitoba. It looks like you all had a great time and were treated royally. Blessings!

  2. Another great review Lovella! Sounds like you are having a fun time. The picture of Kathy on Betty's counter cracked me up. I love the picture of you in the back yard "checking out how the storm was coming along" - there must be more to that story??? The museum is lovely - I enjoyed it too, many years ago when accompanying my daughter with the Mennonite Children's Choir Tour. The dowry trunk is gorgeous and the kitchen window with a geranium plant on a foil plate reminded me of home..... Have another great day and praying for safe travels for you all.

  3. Yes, this is my grandparent's trunk (dowry chest) at the museum! So glad you had a chance to see it. I am imagining what it must have been like for them to pack up with their family of (then) 8 children, saying goodbye to their families in Russia, embarking on a brand new life. So grateful for their decision to come to Canada! Mennonite Girls Can Cook continues to honour those who came before us. Thank you!
    ~ Shirley ~

  4. A wonderful day beautifully captured by photo and word! I LOVE the chest...and the house that Jack built and Betty's kitchen and the storm clouds and the menu that glimpses the words gluten free on the bottom edge! The food laden tables make my mouth water! Blessings upon blessings !

  5. I read this post the way my mom used to read letters from family on another continent. I enlarged the food photo and studied it... such a neat way to serve the multitude... tiny bites. It looks wonderful and the time together at Betty's and then at Normas... how sweet!

  6. Lovella! All so wonderful! Thanks for posting as you went along...

  7. We feel like we have travelled with you all to Steinbach and Winnipeg. What a wonderful ministry MGCC has become. Safe travels and God Bless. Irene k.

  8. So glad we have each others photos to see and remember our time...

  9. It was a full time with many wonderful photos that tell of the fun and activities we had along the way....and the wonderful people we always meet.


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