breakfast sandwiches

Our alarms were set for 3:30 but our internal alarm clocks which never ever need alarm clocks buzzed us awake at 3:15.
The coffee maker switch was flipped on and our clothes which were carefully laid out the evening before were pulled on and we were in our car in time for our 4 am meeting with other egg farmers  .

Dozens of eggs were prepared by Chefs and carefully packaged in biodegradable wrappers.
They were then transported in containers to keep the heat in.
We had lists and addresses and off we went.

We felt a bit nervous.
What exactly do you say to someone when you are handing them a sandwich?
We practiced between the two of us and laughed.
He has always been glad that it is me talking to media.
It's not my thing...he says...
and yet here he was...
about to leave his comfort zone.

We visited various places where people were already working before we even woke up.
Two were especially special to me.

We went to the Hospital where my Dad had quadruple bypass surgery in 1986.
The ER was already busy and to be able to appreciate the doctors and nurses in this way was a true privilege.
We quickly forgot our "lines" and just chatted with those coming to the nurses desk.

We can now add...
giving Vancouver PD swat team breakfast...
onto our "things we've done".

Over the years..
they have had the job of giving us something on occasion but this time we were stopping them and giving them something.

By 8:30 we were wrapping up our unique morning.
We found a coffee shop  where the sun was shining on their outdoor veranda.
We bought a muffin and coffee and laughed...and chatted.

Did you click on the link yesterday?
I hadn't had a chance to see it earlier as it only went live yesterday.
There is a contest...which would be so lovely for you to win if you are eligible.
Remember who your friend is if you win...

Today I expect less excitement here...
and maybe I will get busy and post more about my time in Saskatoon.

all for now...
with love,


  1. That is super cool what you've done! Great marketing idea.

  2. From book signings to egg sandwiches. Always a heart that gives to whatever calls your name. I'm sure that they all appreciated your generosity of time and love yesterday.

  3. That is a great way to develop rapport! Everone must have been so appreciative!

  4. A great idea on behalf of B.C. egg farmers! I hope your internal alarm clock let you sleep late this morning.

  5. What a great service idea that is. A job well done!!

  6. I agree with Judy and hope you slept well this night. You wondered beforehand why you had said yes to this... now you uprobably know. It is so rewarding and I'm sure it was a fun learning experience to do this as a couple.

  7. An interesting and fun way to spend your morning even if it was a tad early. I'm sure everyone appreciated those breakfast sandwiches.
    Cute t-shirts!

  8. This was a very nice service idea, Lovella, and I'm sure it was deeply appreciated by such hard working people!

    I read your sweet tribute to your dad. My dad was also 41 when I was born! I miss him so much.

    Thank you for your best wishes for my birthday!

  9. Another fun and meaningful adventure for you to journal about. What a great idea! I am sure these hard working, giving people will never forget what you did for them.


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