The week that was...

It was the most amazing and exhausting and rewarding week.
When we had those early morning moments..
we knew we needed to eat but when I am nervous...
food is not my primary concern.

Freshly squeezed orange juice...
helps a girl open her eyes.

It was all the extra touches that we didn't need to think of ourselves that made the time in Toronto so amazing.
Paola who stayed with us ...
walking us through each media event...
thought of flowers for the Canada AM set.
She had a large tote of brand new mixing bowls and measuring cups for us to put together those little pudding cups.
I wish I had taken the moment we didn't have to take a photo of the behind the scenes at Canada AM.
That beautiful kitchen you see...
is not where the cooking happens.
The island is our work area behind the scenes in the warehouse part of the building.
We needed to bring absolutely everything from paper towels to each spoon and knife.
A very detailed work plan was created while we were still at home.

Both mornings were early for us.
Paola picked us up again Wednesday morning before 7 to take us to 100 Huntley Street.
We took turns in the green room while the other had make up done.
Anneliese and Paola chat while I'm in make up...
and once we were both done a very capable young woman came to debrief us and spend some time praying with us.
She was so lovely...
I wish I could remember her name.

Wednesday afternoon..
after lunch that 100 Huntley took care of...
we checked out of our room and waited for their driver to pick us up and take us to the airport.
It was lovely sitting outside.

Thursday evening we were back at it with the women from Sardis Baptist church.
We had been invited months ago to come be their main event at their spring tea.

Each of the gals did a quick demonstration of an item in the book...

They made it all look so simple and I know that many of those recipes will be tried at home this week.

There were oohs and aahs at Anneliese's cream puffs.
After the event we signed books...
and rushed home to get some sleep.

At 5 am ...I woke up to make some cinnamon rolls for Global AM/BC's Steve Darling.
Kathy and I had such a great time on this show.
It felt somehow quite relaxing...
but maybe that is because we spend every morning with these people...
from our breakfast tables.

Yesterday those sweet grands and our kids came over for supper.
I was relieved they still knew me.
We watched the segments together.
A Mother's Day that will never ever quite be like this again.

It was a very good week...
I was very happy!

My calendar this week is very quiet.
No interviews...
No TV appearances...
No book signings...
No travelling across the country.

I'm happy!

all for now...


  1. What a full and exciting week you had! God blessed you both with your appearances I'm sure. Now you can relax for a few days and enjoy your home and spring! Blessings, Pamela

  2. It was certainly fun to follow along with you. I was able to watch some snippets of tv time and oh how I praised God for all that He is doing with the Mennonite Girls who really can cook! You seemed very calm throughout, Lovella. What an easy grace you have. Anneliese, too! Grands forget you? I think not!

  3. Your stamina and grace astounds me! I too had such fun following you with your TV appearances and Radio interviews - you handled each with such ease and expertise! I will treasure the memory of meeting you and Anneliese and how you inspire me and so many others! The flowers were still so beautiful for our Mother's Day brunch and gave me an excuse to explain to my family how I received them!!! Thanks again and have a well deserved low key week.....

  4. I'm sure the thought of a quiet week ahead of you is rather appealing! What a whirlwind of a week you had...calm, cool and collected throughout. So glad you topped it off by spending Mother's Day with all your kids and grands.

  5. A very full week now all just a wonderful memory. It was fun to see and hear about your time with Anneliese in Toronto and being a part of your week on Global and Sardis Tea.

  6. I am so thankful for the opportunities we had last week and will treasure the memories for a long time to come, but for now I am all in favor of a quieter week coming up!

  7. A wonderful whirlwind that is now allowing some time for reflection and regeneration. Happy Mother's Day, Lovella! I enjoyed your virtual posts of your book tour!

    Gracious Hospitality

  8. Glad you were able to go through the events with your kids, too. Oh the wonders of technology. Yippee for no major events on the calendar this week! Blessings...

  9. What an incredible week you had! I'm sure you're enjoying the quite time - the 'down time'. Take care of yourself!

  10. The best part about your time away, was that you took the time to share it with us. We are all so proud of you and so thankful that your cooking and expertiece has taken you on this journey. Did you ever dream this when you were a little girl? I am thrilled to have my own cookbook and am so looking forward to cooking my way through it. Hope you get to relax a bit, but not sure that will happen for you since everyone now knows you.


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