The Three in the Middle of May

Yesterday it was the turn of the three to come to the farm for a visit.

I don't know who is more excited about the kids coming to visit.
Us two...
or Kobe.

She rarely leaves the littlest's side and the two of them are found making up games of their own.


And then they play some serious ball.

Over and over and neither tire of playing catch.

Look at that focus...where will he toss that ball next?

Our garden is especially lush right now.

The biggest found some rocks in the garden and wanted to know all about them.
I did my best...he seemed satisfied.

What did the three bring as a token of love on Mother's Day?

A pot they painted themselves.
A vine was requested to be added...
and so their mommy added it in for their flower garden.

Hand ...

and foot prints.

I might neglect other parts of my garden...
but some flowers...deserve special tending.

all for now...


  1. Oh indeed, these little flowers definitely need attending. What sweet little grands and how fun to enjoy time with them. The painted flower pot is very special and so pretty too. I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend. Blessings, Pam

  2. Awww - very special flowers indeed! Kobe is such a good dog too!

  3. Sweet loves! Smiling at the dog and little Oh. Painted poisy pot.....cute!

  4. So cute. Sweet little flowers for sure.

  5. Those little treasures are so wonderful to keep and cherish. They need tending to all the time. Kobe sure has brought them friendship. He is such a part of your family. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. So fun to see the mutual enjoyment of play between Little Oh and Kobe. I'm sure not just anyone can sit on her back. So much fun to be had outdoors on the farm! Oh.. and the pot is a precious keepsake. I see that some moms are just way more creative and patient than I ever was.

  7. Best kind of flowers ever! And so adorably cute!

  8. Kobe was the best addition to your that can be enjoyed by everyone that comes and goes. How fun to see Kobe and Little Oh playing together! Great Mother's Day gift...from the three. Love it.


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