spring flower and skagit river bridge collapse

Yesterday afternoon we decided to  head down to the states as we often do.
We are a hop and a skip from the border and enjoy visiting our neighbour to the south.
Sometimes we just head straight to Sunset Drive and find our favorite Mexican food spot and sometimes we venture just a bit further to Burlington where there is a camping store.

Yesterday we went as far as Burlington.
We debated where we all wanted to go and decided to take the first exit and after poking around the camping store..
we went as far as Costco and then decided to head back to Bellingham for supper.

We could have easily crossed the Skagit river which has a few other stores we sometimes visit but yesterday we didn't.
Our son Terrence knew we were down in the states and around 8 pm he called to see where we were.

I was going to show you my spring flowers which are so beautiful right now.
I'm left thinking about how life could so easily end without notice.
I also am thinking about how so many people will be so inconvenienced for days to come as they will need to detour.
For at least a few days...
they'll just be thankful that they need to detour instead of what might have been.

It is a good reminder to be thankful.

all for now...


  1. For some reason your photos aren't coming through Lovella. Just a big white square with a tiny blue question mark in the centre. I'm so glad you weren't on that bridge but think of those who nearly lost their lives when their cars fell into the water with the bridge! How terrifying for them. We do need to be thankful for ever day we have as we just never know when it will be taken from us. We need to be ready for eternity. Blessings, Pamela

    1. Pamela, thank you. That is so odd about the pictures. I can see them and I am wondering why you can't. My blog isn't always loading correctly for me. The background is often missing. It is tempting to go back to the old templates...what to do. Have a great day Pamela, and thanks for visiting.

    2. I just checked back and the photos are there now. They are gorgeous! The question mark that was showing, when I clicked on it it said 'not connected to the internet'. So maybe it was my end but I was seeing other blogs no problem. Anyway it's fixed now. I'm glad I came back to see the beauty! Pam

  2. Can't see your photos either, but oh the words. Your son must have been so happy to hear your voice. I knew that bridges make me nervous!

  3. Yes.. like you say, so quickly life could have changed for many. I am so thankful you got home safely. Your spring flower photos are beautiful!

  4. I can see all the photos. You have some beautiful blooms! That bridge collapse is really going to impact so many lives...but you have it right, at least they still have their lives. I'm going to have to listen to the different detours they are offering and choose one for June 6th! Oye!

  5. Beautiful spring blossoms! Oh I do wish they would last longer than they do...spring flowers seem to be in a rush to make room for the next flowers to bloom.

    The blanked out picture issue had be plaguing me. I post using my desktop computer then immediately check the post via my iPhone. The desktop computer shows a perfect post and the phone will show missing pictures. How, why that happens is a totally annoying mystery!

  6. Wow - your Spring flowers are so beautiful Lovella!! Your photography is superb.
    My goodness - I'm so glad you avoided the bridge collapse. I just checked on line and saw pictures of this!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy those blooms.

  7. Lovely flowers. Spring is always so hopeful. Miracle no one was hurt any worse in the bridge collapse! Also, that it didn't happen with more cars on the road is amazing. Have a great day

  8. I'm glad to read that you avoided the bridge. It brought back thoughts of last weekend when I was down in Everett, where we looked at another bridge on the I-5 and commented on the sad state of such an important structure.
    Your photos are lovely.

  9. Beautiful flower photos!
    and yes... I'm soo thankful you decided against crossing the bridge yesterday - one of those times that remind us that God is watching over us - oft when we are not even aware we are in need of it!
    Yes.. how preferable it is to be delayed or inconvenienced when it is contrasted with loss of life.

  10. Amazing how close you were to that. So thankful that you are fine, and that no one was hurt. Have a good weekend!

  11. Beautiful photos! Though the detour will inconvenience many over the next while...I am so thankful that all lives were spared.


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