planting the garden

We are so slow planting our garden this year.
It could have been done weeks ago and when we drive down our country road seeing the corn growing I begin to feel panicked that our garden produce will be picked last on the block.

The garlic and rhubarb didn't wait for us to get with the program.

I've been pulling rhubarb and baking and saucing and experimenting.
(as you will see soon on MGCC)

The herb part of the garden is doing well.
Cilantro, Dill, Oregano and Parsley all have taken over their fair share of space.

My regular sorrel petered out mid winter but the variegated sorrel is ready for soup.

Pink peonies anyone?
I'll start picking them now and bringing them in to force the blooms which lets me enjoy them all the longer.

The climbing hydrangea is chirping with bird nests and the flowers are beginning to open.
The fragrance will be lovely again in the evenings while we sit outside to enjoy dinners in our tent.

The grill will be fired up tonight.
Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends!


  1. Good morning Lovella. I got the new MGCC cookbook on the weekend and just want to say how beautiful it is! I have glanced through it and found the photos, articles and recipes to be delightful. I even found a recipe for home made potato chips! We can't wait to try that one. ;) It's a rainy and cool Victoria Day here in N.B. Our garden is prepared and waiting for seeds. I hope you have good weather for planting today. Blessings, Pamela

  2. We're gardening with earnest over here too! Saturday was a good day and if I can get my stiff muscles to cooperate, today will be a productive day as well!!! Everything is "abloom" here right now and the weather is beautiful this weekend. Your garden soil looks wonderful and things will "catch up" to the neighbours quickly I'm sure. Great shot of Kobe in the arbor! Have a wonderful Victoria day!

  3. Your garden photos are a perfect representation of why may was my favorite month growing up. Everything is so green and lush and just ready to burst! My new favorite month, now that I live further south, is march. That is the month where the orange blossoms scent our evenings and the trees and vines get all showy with their blooms while the grass is still somewhat green. Your rhubarb has my mouth watering!

  4. Enjoy your holiday! The garden looks beautiful, absolutely.

  5. How does your garden grow? Very the looks of things. It didn't wait for you to plant...but got growing all on its own. I didn't know cilantro could 'winter over'. Happy Victoria Day...and whatever it may bring your way.

  6. Things are looking lush and green at your farm. I'm always in awe of all those peony buds on your plants. Yikes! I'm happy to report I have 5 this year on one of mine! That's a record over here. Have a wonderful Victoria Day!

  7. I like the part of the garden that does not wait for you to get with the program and now that you have ... you will be enjoying it long after everyone is done. Hopefully we have a summer like last year.
    Yes.. your peonies are amazing!

  8. Well your garden looks great all year round. I like the way you have your rhubarb early in spring...all your herbs to make those great soups and in a few weeks the grands will be out to help pull those first veggies. It's never to late for gardening.

  9. Wow, I haven't been to your blog in ages - it looks fantastic! You definately have made use of all the gadgets and gizmos. Good for you!
    Your garden is marvelously lush and green - beautiful. Oh, and gardening is never a race - the only presure you experience is the battle with nature, never with neighbours. :)
    Or with inabilities that you didn't forsee coming. Then you just sit and watch what pops up. It never ceases to surprise and amaze.

  10. Your rhubarb and peonies are amazing!!!! I think my rhubarb just needs some chicken manure!!! My peonies have made great strides in the last two years. I think they are five years old now. Each bush has between 5 and 20 buds which is better than before. Looking forward to the time when I have as many buds as you do!

  11. Beauty in my early morning hour, that is what I always find here. So thankful for you and your blog!


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