peonies and two of my favorite scents on the last day of May

We've been dodging showers here the last while.
I'm not in charge of mowing the lawn but all the talk about wondering if the lawn will get mowed before the next shower comes...
makes me feel a part of the process.
I'll talk more about mowing lawn another day.

This is the pure white peony that blushes next to it's pink neighbour.
I love the real rain drops on it.
Have you ever seen fake raindrops on fake flowers?
The inspiration for that idea was real...
and beautiful.

The buds are all opening.
I'm sending home big bouquets of buds whenever I can with visitors.
Have you ever really taken in the scent of peonies?
A few years ago I was in an upscale clothing shop and stopped to test out their lovely display of beautiful bottles of scent.
I was so taken with the Peony scent when I sprayed it on that I was on my way to the counter ...
thinking it was priced fairly reasonable.
Upon closer inspection I realized it was room scent.
I put it back.
It didn't seem like a bargain to squirt it into mid-air in the middle of a room...
though I would have enjoyed it.

This is my favorite view out the front door.
When the storm clouds gather in the background...
the lush berry field and the perfectly leafed trees on the hillside never cease to bring me happy moments.

He got the lawn mowed.
I nearly always go out afterwards to inspect enjoy the scent of freshly mowed grass and admire the edges neatly trimmed.

Facing east...
the clouds make a perfect drop back for the reminder of God's promises.

Happy weekend dear ones.
I'm going to retreat with my beloved and if time and a notion presents itself..
I'll post a photo or two.

all for now...


  1. For some reason whenever I comment here it posts a double comment, and when I delete one of the comments, they both get deleted. sigh....

  2. Now that is a five dollar lawn! (Old story from my primer of long ago.)

    Lovely view from your front door with the storm clouds providing contrast and definition. I hear that it'd be lovely is they stayed away for a while these next few days.

    If they all bloom, I shall have a nice bunch of peonies this year...not enough to send bouquets home with friends, though. You are a sweet friend to have!

  3. Oh Lovella, your part of the world is truly beautiful! I can remember it vividly from our trip out there nearly a year ago. Lovely pics of the peonies, one of my favorite flowers!

  4. Have you checked the weather report? I hope the sun will shine upon your beautiful garden and bring more smiles.

  5. Love that rainbow photo...and its reminder of God's promises. And your peonies...beautiful! Judging from all the buds I will have a lot of blooms to share.

  6. Beautiful stills of the beautiful views in front of your camera! and yes the scent of peonies - Vic's favorite flower because of the scent! But the scent isn't the same as Mom's peony bushes when I was growing up -- the scent was much stronger !
    Enjoy your week-end 'retreat' !

  7. Oh all the glory you showed us today. Just lovely! Enjoy your retreat!

  8. I love your peonies!! you even got a bee on yours too! The countryside you live in is absolutely amazing!!!!! What gifts!!

  9. I love your arbor!So beautiful in bloom!

  10. Peonies with raindrops...what could be prettier!
    Well, your freshly mowed lawn would be a close second. I think I would sit on the porch and take it all in. Your part of the world offers so much beauty. Have fun retreating:)

  11. What gorgeous photos! I love the full rainbow one. I hope you have a wonderful retreat.


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