from the girls


Yesterday the girls came over to spend a bit of time outdoors.
There is a new driver in the ranks.
Last time they rode around in the baby Gator there was still no question which sister would be at the steering wheel but yesterday...
"it's my turn"....was mentioned every lap.

And  so they did...
take turns that is until the gator ran out of steam and they limped it back to the shop.
They watched me carefully while I plugged it back in and then we happily noticed that Grandpa was finished chores...
and we went to vote at our Provincial Election Polls and found ourselves some french fries and burgers as per their suggestion.

Since it was their turn to come over..
I'll share their love to me from Mother's Day.

She was waited for me to read it aloud...
and I did...
even when the last line got tricky.

She continues to do portraits of me.
Note the purple earrings?
I didn't want to ask what was springing out of my head...
or shooting straight up from my head.
I liked the striped top.

Can you see her personality?
She is a precious girl and I hope she never stops making Valentine faces with smiling faces.

I ...
for one did not feel sad that there was not a Tiffany bow wrapped box coming in the door.
Give me something from the heart with a hopeful face that it will be received with joy.

Nearly as precious...
was the Sweet Violet Mug that they found for me.

Thursday the three-some will come to play.
This Grammie is filling up her heart with ...
all that matters most!

all for now...


  1. Looks like things are back to grammie days this week....and that you are really enjoying it. Precious indeed!

  2. Well it looks like things are back to normal for awhile at your place. I can imagine that you love those days filled with what 'Matters Most'

  3. So nice the girls could come and hang out with you. Sweet notes and pictures...

  4. Lovely fun times with the grands. The drawings are precious. Hmmm. I also wonder what that is on your head. Childish imaginations make me smile.

  5. Precious pictures and tender thoughts! I love that you even have a shadow on one picture. Enjoy your getting back to normal days!

  6. Perhaps the spring stands for energy and the shoot stands for new ideas. Yes, I'm pretty sure that could be it. I agree...the striped top is stunning. Girls put so much detail in their drawings. That Heart With a Face deserves a frame.

  7. Very precious! How fun to have a new driver among the ranks. You need a big 'N' to attach to the back of their green machine.

  8. Love the multi colored hearts! Her artistic bent is worth encouraging. So sweet. Can't wait until the day I get grandchild art.

  9. I had no problem reading that sweet note! We get pretty good at this. So glad you got spoiled like that and I hope you had a good day today too. It's been Grammy week for both of us after having been missing in action.

  10. I have one that writes notes with the same format and spelling - aren't they precious? I can see that you cherish these times and don't take them for granted, even though you live close by. Lovely!


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