Canada we come!

Anneliese and I arrived in Toronto.

Our very nice driver was there...with our names in hand...
and whether he knew it or not..
became part of the story.

We have gone and picked up our groceries and we think and hope and pray we have everything we need.

If you are up and about Tuesday morning...

We are scheduled to be on the last 20 minutes of the show...
so make yourself a pot of coffee and settle in and be part of our cheering team!

We'll let you know later...
how it really went!

all for now..


  1. Looking forward to catching it on air! You know we're praying!

  2. My PVR is set so I won't miss anything!

  3. Look at you two! We will watch it...and re-watch it...all your cheerleaders back home.

  4. So excited for you both! Praying for a good sleep tonight and a fun experience tomorrow! I have set my PVR as well!

  5. I'll be watching and cheering you along!

  6. I saw you and you did a great job. I can't wait to get my book and try the pie in a jar recipe! You both looked so pretty in your spring dresses and beautiful aprons! Hugs, Pam

  7. Wonderful job Lovella and packed in so much into the few precious minutes they gave you and what a creative way to do pies!!!

    I did hope to get up early (BC time) but was so glad to have recorded it and watched it a little later..SOOO glad you told us about it...we are your cheering team!!


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