brown eyes and birthday

Yesterday was Stuart's birthday.
On Victoria Day...his better half was working and so I suggested he pop over with the girls and together we would make him pizza.
They knew what he liked...
and loaded up the crust.

After lunch..
the menfolk started on our new patio cover.

The roof all came in the box with cling film that needed to be removed.
That job...
was offered to the girls.

There is something about watching team work...
that makes me happy.

The project had been started a few weeks ago but my beloved and I ..
needed someone else to replace me.

In the meantime...
there was plenty of fun to be had nearby.

Team work continued.

And turns continued to be taken on the job at hand.

Tugging ...hard.

The garbage girl came around to take up each piece of discarded cling film.

She took her role...

Kobe took her role seriously as well...
and team work was once again employed for the tug-o-war.

The other day...
it was like a lightbulb moment when we were putting Grandgirlie to bed.

She said...
Grammie!!!  We all have blue eyes in the family except for you and Daddy and the dogs.
You all have brown eyes.

Yup...Stuart ...Lovella...Tobbee  and Kobe have brown eyes in the family.
It's been documented.

In the meantime...
the roof was up and the curtain was raised.

That's my boy!  
(with brown eyes)

all for now...


  1. What a nice patio it will be with the new from the fierce summer sun is always good. It's fun to see the girls get into the job and Kobe certainly enjoys the grands. Hope that your brown-eyed boy had a fun birthday!

  2. I have seen these new gazebos with the solid roof on them and wonder how they'd hold up in our snowy climate here in NB. I think the gazebo looks great and you will certainly enjoy many hours under it out of the sun and even the rain. I think Stuart and the girls had fun helping out.

  3. I love how you weave a story brown-eyed girl! Looks like you all had a great day and the patio gazebo looks fantastic! I have yet to try yours and Kathy's pizza recipe thats in the Celebrations book - maybe this weekend?? It looks delicious.

  4. Love it when the kids come over and end up helping with a project! Fun new cover! We're still holding out down here. That's cute that grandgirlie noticed the eye colors!

  5. Well I must admit he had the right shirt...and the job is done...I remember the panic look on Terry's face just before the book launch...and yes, he waited till he got the man power...It's great to see them working as a team...after all you know all about team work and have taught them well.

  6. I enjoyed that story of team work!

  7. We have half and half in our family - brown vs. blue, that is!

    Very nice patio cover!


  8. Happy Birthday to your brown-eyed guy! We are almost totally blue in this family...our son-in-law has brown eyes and all the grands are also blue-eyed. Heidi was hoping for at least one offspring with brown eyes. Your roof-raising party looked like a fun time for all!

  9. Many hands make light work, even when some of the hands are still small.

    Bet your daily outdoor time just went way up! Great "room" addition to your bungalow. The it permanently retired or deployed to another space?

  10. So exciting! You got a new roof! Although I'm kind of sad your days in the tent are over. Happy Birthday to your brown eyed boy! I thought it was kind of funny how the brown-eyed people got thrown together with the dogs. In our fmaily it's me, our boy and one grand-daughter .... the other thirteen are blue. Maybe we need to get some dogs to even things up.

  11. Happy Birthday Stewart. Love the shirt and the sight of those sweet helpers. My dad was the only one with brown eyes in our whole family....she smiled when our first SIL came around....with brown eyes. I've watched you love that brown eyed son of yours....he's a gem.

  12. Happy belated birthday to Stewart... and how sweet to share eye colour with Mom and the dogs !
    What a lovely patio cover! I'm sure it will be admired and appreciated all summer !


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