Book Signing in Waterloo and Niagara on the Lake

After our Canada AM segment Paola our most efficient representative from Graf-Martin drove us to Waterloo where we were to have lunch with Ellen Graf-Martin.

Can you believe I took a photo of her office...and not her?
We had the most wonderful lunch with her and before we knew it we were rushed off to the Kitchener Ten Thousand Villages Book signing.

They had done such a beautiful job of making demo's for the guests.

Look at these?  
Love how they displayed them.

We found waiting for us our friend Kathy who is looking very much forward to her new life of traveling.

We also were so delighted to meet Jerilyn of MennoMedia who we met back in Harrisonburg with our last book tour!
She is most efficient as administrative assistant and her warmth was evident and we chatted quickly so she could get back to the office.

And then....
our dear Rosella who you all know from her blog...and her support in commenting on all our blogs arrived with smiles and we all teared up.
She came with sweet gifts for us.
We knew she'd come...
so from all of us mennonite girls...
we had a bouquet for her.

We had a wonderful time at their store and then headed on to Niagara on the Lake.

The drive was so beautiful with the sun shining.
I felt myself nodding off for a wee rest before our next destination.

Niagara on the Lake is the most delightful quaint town and though I didn't have opportunity to walk in shops...I window shopped..
all the way to Ten Thousand Villages.

Such a pretty door!

As we usually do...
we are drawn to the kitchen area where they also had the most scrumptious  treats from the two books to serve their guests.

Look at this Perishky! 
We don't eat while we sign books but we sure accepted a doggie girlie bag for our early breakfast today.

Oh the fun that awaited us there.
I felt so often during the day yesterday that all ten of us should experience the day together.

The people are all so nice and we are so humbled by their smiles in greeting us.
We met people that know people in Abbotsford.
We met people that are related the round about way to people we know in Abbotsford.

Meet Donna!
She was so happy to meet us and now we know her...
a bit and we know that she knows us....quite a bit.
She was so fun!  

Thanks for coming Donna!

At the end of the day...
we arrived at our hotel room near 10 and ordered some room service for our dinner.
It was such a good day.
We ate and then did the post for today...
and hope to be sleeping by midnight so we can be up and ready for tomorrow's taping of 100 Huntley at 7 AM.  (to be aired Friday morning)

And then...
we will fly home in the afternoon.

For more photos and Anneliese's take on the day...

Thank you everyone for coming to visit us today.
We value each and everyone of you.

all for now...
with love,


  1. It sounds like a good day...from beginning to end. A very long day for you, I'm sure! How fun that Rosella came out (we knew she would!)...and you could spend some 'face to face' time with her. Enjoy your trip home today...and all that awaits you when you arrive.

  2. Oh I'm so happy to see that Rosella came and met you and how sweet that you had a bouquet for her. Makes me smile real big! You really packed it in girls! Thank you for representing all of us so beautifully. God Speed...
    P.S. Dear and I were in Niagara on the Lake in I want to go back!

  3. I can't even tell you how wonderful it was to see you in Waterloo!!!! There was so much I wanted to tell you and was too excited to remember a thing. THANK YOU so much for your kindness, for the beautiful flowers and for the "all ten" signatures for my beautiful book. You are amazing and beautiful! I hope by the time you read this, you are safely at home again!

  4. So much fun to see all the gals you met. It was a special treat to see Rosella who has become such a sweet blogging buddy. You two must be exhausted, but oh the blog fodder!

  5. Oh, I can't wait to see you on 100 Huntley Street. Thanks for letting us know. You must be so tired from all the traveling and book signing and TV shows! Blessings, Pam

  6. What a day you had! I watched Canada AM and now have had the pleasure of reading about the remainder - what a whirlwind! Funny, in this blogging world - I feel like I know Rosella too! How sweet of you to have flowers for her!

  7. It was so great to meet you! It was so worth the drive from Toronto - especially since I got the last book! I love your new cookbook - it is really beautiful.

    Karin :)

  8. Have heard so many nice things about you ladies from my Mom, Rosella! Who has given me your book - I love it! Looking forward to getting Celebrations :) She is one of your biggest fans, thank you for being hers as well! :) Becky

  9. How fun for you to be able to meet all those we love by name. I feel I now know them a wee bit better too. I have to put Niagara on the Lake on my travel list. I'm smiling at your late night meal....why not! :)


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