Book Launch Weekend Begins

I can't help but take a trip down memory lane to remember when it all began. 
This is the first recipe photo I published on this blog.
It was Portzelky on December 30, 2006 and I had just a glimpse then of how rewarding it would be to document all our Mennonite Heritage favorites.

A year and a half later, in June 2008 I decided that there was enough interest in what we once considered "food our family likes to eat" that I invited others to join me in a recipe blog.

and since then my life has become richer in friendships..
more meaningful in concern for impoverished people around the world as well as needs in my own community...
more knowledgeable  in technology sine then, I barely knew how to navigate simple tasks on the computer.

In 2011 we stood shoulder to shoulder holding our books...
barely believing we were co-authors of a book to celebrate and document our heritage recipes.
The learning curve in the year of cookbook making was sometimes daunting and definitely a stretching experience.
We grew closer in our friendships and I realized anew that the gift God gave me in these nine women was extraordinary.
Together we designated our royalties to build a greenhouse in the land where our families once lived.
When we saw those first plants growing we thanked God for guiding us in such a way that we could use our ordinary gifts to be multiplied in ways we had never imagined.

In  April 2012 we started it all over again with a dream to share how the ten of us celebrate the many different 
As I type...
I look at the faces you see above you and thank God for ...
Judy, Julie, Marg, Ellen, Bev, Anneliese, Charlotte, Betty and Kathy,
 who are not only  beautiful on the outside but also have hearts and lives that honor God.

This evening we will have our first in a series of book signings.

We would love to meet you all.

all for now..


  1. This is a beautiful walk down memory lane...Thanking you for your dream...passion and leadership to keep all of us on top of our game. We can thank God and give him the glory for all that he has done over the past years. We will keep feeding the hungry.

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  3. Have a wonderfully blessed book launching weekend!
    You all deserve it!

  4. Sorry about all the comment duplication! Don't quite know why that is happening!:-(

  5. Thinking of you all this weekend and can't wait to hear all about it. Enjoy, Enjoy - you all deserve to be celebrated so much! Safe travels to you and Anneliese as you head my way next week - so excited!

  6. I wish you every success with your book signings and the sale of your books. I expect to be buying one soon. The proceeds are going to a very worthy cause. Blessings to you all. Pamela

  7. Congratulations ladies, on a beautiful book and a wonderful project. What a wonderful adventure you are having! You should feel proud of yourselves, for showing us how to demonstrate your heritage and love, using traditional feminine ways! I cherish my copy and am showing to all my friends and family!

  8. I wish you a wonderful reunion weekend, full of laughter and fun and many trips down memory lane. I especially wish you a lovely celebration!

  9. Thanking God for this wonderful opportunity He gave me....through your invitation to be a part of this group of women. It's been a journey of joy! Today I'm celebrating as I look back with you over the years. Thank you for your leadership to us. I love you my friend.

  10. A remarkable journey for all of you and I'd like to say a noble one. How good God is! Wishing you all much success with this latest endeavor.

  11. So much enjoyed seeing you all at Winks yesterday...what a perfect setting for you all..sitting outside at the back of Wendy's lovely are all such wonderful ladies..and you are truly blessing the world with your amazing gifts and talents!
    Thank you for sharing them with us through your books and blessing the poor and needy with the proceeds. In God's economy this is absolute "Win-Win!"

  12. Looks like my comment got published twice..oh well..consider a a "Double Blessing!" :)

  13. Where are the Maritimes on your schedule? :) Too bad I didn't still live in Otterburne, I could pop over to Steinbach and meet the MGs there! Hopefully your book will be at the PEI 10000 Villages sale again - I'll be eagerly looking for a copy!Congratulations and may God continue to bless you as you bless others. What a delight you MGs must be to Him!


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