Best Ever...Book Launch Weekend

My heart is so full I believe it could burst!
Prepare yourself for photo overload and this is just a small sampling of the pictures that were taken with my cameras.
The good folks from MennoMedia came to join us for this great weekend of celebration and tirelessly and without one speck of making it seem like work, took our camera and constantly took     pictures for us.  
Why on earth I didn't take a picture of Russ Eanes the director, Amy Gingerich the Editorial Director and Ben Penner our Marketing Director...
is quite simply beyond me.

Friday night we were at House of James and we had the best time with Lando and Kathy Klassen as they hosted us so graciously in their coffee house and book store.
They had samplings of the food from the cookbook and had a pianist there who played so beautifully while we visited with our guests and signed books.
Thank you so much House of James!

Saturday afternoon we went to Winks...
oh and the beauty you can see here in her gorgeous courtyard.
She blessed us in so many ways.
Kristal  and Julene (Anneliese's beautiful daughters) were invited to surprise Anneliese.
Kristal made her famous and most delicious cupcakes to serve to guests.
Julene played her violin and often I felt like I could just put my pen down and close my eyes and be taken away into the beauty of the music and the surroundings.

That was not about to happen though.
Winks had boxes and boxes of books that were presold waiting for us to sign.
It was simply such a pleasure and while we were signing those many other new and old friends came by to offer their kind words of congratulations.

Have you been to Winks lately?
Please go.
You can meet Kathy there often as she works there and with mother's day around the corner there are many wonderful gift ideas.

I was so blessed by MennoMedia.
Russ Eanes is a man of vision and encouragement and we could not quite believe they would spend a weekend away from their families to spend time with us and quite literally were constantly watching to see if we needed anything.
It was fun to look at the pictures later and see what they saw.

Oh..and my niece Shelly came to see me at Winks and I absolutely was thrilled.
Thank you sweet girl.

After that...
we went to Sweet Dreams where our blessings just continued.
Lois Swan who often decorates their beautiful inn so wonderfully...
made these most gorgeous arrangements for us.

Just look at the artistry!

They had tables set up for us to sign books in one of their cool basement rooms.
We signed to our hearts content for each other...and then some.

the menfolk took to the outdoors!
They all were so amazing in their support of this weekend.
If it were not for them...
we couldn't even imagine how different our success would feel.

We wanted a photos like the last book where we all held our books.
This is what we see when we look at them...

And like 10 bridesmaids...we all had fun and were silly and much.

At one point...
we just had to blow off some steam.

Sunday morning my dream of having us worship together was realized and they joined us at Northview church.
The challenge was there and my eyes dripped and I felt again the blessing and the responsibility of this amazing ministry.
I thought about how we planned so many months ago which weekend would be the launch.
We didn't know the weather would be perfect.
We didn't know that it would be a Missions emphasis week at church...
but God knew all of this.
May God see us faithful...

After the service we went to Lepp Farm Market to enjoy their most amazing Sunday brunch!
Best bacon in the world...I kid you not!
The brunch was nothing short of amazing.
We'll be back and be taking our clan with us!  

Just look!

Their Chef Nick made  omelettes for us.
I know I can make a good omelette at home but let me tell you...
there is something about the smiling faces of their staff that just adds that touch of perfect!

The know how to make Croissants...too!  = )

And then we signed books.
We met the most wonderful people.
I will be going out for coffee with some old friends...
and some new friends..
when the rush of this all settles down.

Best moment of the day?
When darlings come to see Grammie!

We were so happy to see Flo.
The three of us know her...
and of course still love her sweet ways to bits.
Another must get together!!

Charlotte Lepp is the face of Lepp Farm Market.
She seems tireless!
She smiles often...
and shows hospitality to us everytime we do our cooking classes.
Thank you Charlotte!

we all came back to my house for Faspa  (mennonite buns and meat and cheese supper).
When I got home yesterday...
my beloved had beautiful roses for me.
He knew I could only enjoy them for a day before I go away...
but he wanted them for me...
Love that man!

I have to say something about our new friend Ben Penner from MennoMedia.
He is our marketing director.
We've done lots of emailing back and forth and had a chat on the phone...
but now we know him in person.

He is a gentleman who loves his wife and beautiful little girls and it was not hard to draw out stories of them from him.
He did his job here well.
While the guys were out playing bocce ball before Faspa..
he and Amy stayed in with us.

Marg blessed us with a beautiful letter and a dishcloth she made uniquely for each of us.
We asked him to read the letter for us because we thought we would be too emotional...
and he did
The letter is every so precious...
sweet memory.

Oh...and next time you need a fruit platter...veggie platter...or a meat platter...
call Chef Nick at Lepp's.


Meat platter!

Fruit Platter!

And then we had Faspa!

the beginning of May we ate our Faspa outside.

The blessings of the weekend were many.
The conversations and the kind words and the love and support from within the group and from our friends and family just can't be fully put into words.

We couldn't go home without a visit from our fans that seem to find us...
and always make us smile.

And then all of a sudden it was over.
Good byes began.
It was so good.
Could we ever top this?
It is hard to imagine.

Amy means a lot to all of us.
She was ready to go home to her husband and sweet little girl.
We pray that she will have a most wonderful summer with her new little one to arrive in July.
Where we would be without her graciousness and expertise in editing...
we just can't imagine a more wonderful editorial director!
She went around and hugged everyone!
We will miss those folks again.
We said goodbye to our Manitoba girls Charlotte and Betty... and their good husbands.
We said goodbye to our Ellen from Washington.

Anneliese and I are taking off on our own adventure.
We are flying to meet more new friends.

We will land in Toronto and will be in the studios of Canada AM on Tuesday morning.

If you would like to watch us...
and we hope you do...
our segment will be in the last half hour.
In BC Canada AM begins at 3 AM. 
Don't worry...that means you won't have to get out of bed until 5:30.  =)

we'll be cooking...LIVE!

We would love to meet you at one of the signings...

And all for today!


  1. My heart is full too just from reading this!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this.....what a wonderful launch!!!! You ladies sure know how to do it right. Hope you can relax a wee bit as you travel today. Can't wait to see you.

  2. What a wonderfully blessed weekend you had with your book signings and all the team together, Lovella. Congratulations again. I will be watching Canada AM tomorrow at 9:30 Atlantic time and will see you on TV! So exciting. God bless! Hugs, Pamela

  3. Thanks for sharing, Lovella! Great to see what has come of that first e-mail conversation so long ago. God bless as you continue to write and serve and cook . . . .

    John Longhurst

  4. What a wonderful weekend it must have been! I'll be up and watching tomorrow - it's only a half hour earlier than I'm usually up and I wouldn't miss it!

  5. Lovella, you covered every aspect of the weekend with such skill. It was everything you said and more. Thank you, Thank you for your gracious leadership. We love you to bits!

  6. Thank you Lovella for this wonderful recap and your tireless efforts on all of our behalf! Praying for God's continued blessings and strength for you and for Anneliese as you travel and cook! :)

  7. a great recap of a wonderful weekend together. We are all looking forward to cheering you on tomorrow morning...You Go Girl!

  8. What a colorful, festive, meaningful and fun way to celebrate another milestone for all of you. The pictures and the documenting made us feel like we were there too. Thanks for sharing all with us. I wish you and Anniliese the very best tomorrow morning. What a special opportunity for you two.

  9. Your readers (and ME) are enjoying your festivities and updates from afar! Such a wonderful book launch! Thank you for allowing us to peek into your celebrations. Such fun!

    Safe travels and much success as you share with others...

  10. oh my !!!! I love everything!!!!! What a fantastic weekend of fellowship and beautiful food! And I love that you all got to worship together!!! It is amazing what a few ideas have turned into! It makes me happy thinking about it!

  11. Oh a very happy sigh - I had a crazy busy week (4 funerals in our church) and didn't get to read this until today. What an incredible weekend - I am so thrilled for you and all the MGs and extremely proud to have "known" you from the beginning! Your story is such a beautiful testimony of the goodness of God and the wonderful ways He uses us when our hearts our open. Many many blessings to each one of you. Love Kathie


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