100 Huntley Street

It has been the most amazing week!
Who gets their make up done by a professional? 
I did...twice this week.
It was mighty tempting to sleep with it on since it was so perfect.

Anneliese and I tested out the set before the show began.
We have no idea what we all said on 100 Huntley Street.
We will find out when it airs today.

This morning...
in real time...
Kathy and I are off to Global BC1 the new all day news channel.
We'll be interviewed by Jill Kropp sometime between the 9-10 hour.
If you are up early today..
we would truly appreciate your prayers as we share again our story.

Thank you for being part of this with me.
God has opened doors that we never expected.

all for now...
with love,


  1. I hope and pray all goes well! do they ever put these things on the internet? It would be fun to watch!!

    1. Just watched this online..for anyone who missed it, here is the link..


      Continued excellence ladies and may you Lovella and Anneliese be continued to be blessed on your promotional tour!

  2. Sending prayers to you and Kathy this morning!

  3. Wow, you are busy! Could you ever have imagined this a few years ago?? God is so good and full of surprises! I missed the 100 Huntley show this morning but will watch on their website - they air every episode. Looking forward to seeing you both.

  4. Scary exciting! That's a good thing! I know you did great!

  5. I read this post at about 9:45 a.m. and decided to turn on the TV.....I was actually checking to see if your Jill Kropp interview was on but I realize now that I had misread that part and you were taping during that time......and lo and behold, there was 100 Huntley Street just at the exact moment you were being introduced! So I watched that interview with tears in my eyes, marvelling at how God has multiplied your "loaves and fishes". Excellent job, ladies!

  6. One day we all laughed...."maybe one day we will be on TV". There you girls were. You did a great job.


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